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  • I have uploaded 500 plus photos into an album, I had to resize the pics to a smaller resolution, as the original picture size give me the following error when trying to create thumbs
    picname : Error : Exceed Memory limit. Require : 58.48 MByte

    So now that i have smaller pics up there when i try to create the thumbs, nextgen gets about 11% of the way and just quits, and does not create anymore thumbs. Not sure what the problem is, it does create some, even though they do not show up in the gallery.

    Any ideas?

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  • I figured the images were too large to work with based on the memory my hosting service was allocating, that is why I reduced all of them. I have about 13 different galleries and I use the image size 1024×768 for all of my pics. This has worked well for me until I tried it with this latest album. I was wondering if it was because of the amount of pictured I want to include in this album. My previous albums have no more than 60 pictures while this one has over 500. It will start to process the pictures I have uploaded just like normal, bet everytime it reaches 11% or so, it just quits processing. It does not give me an error or anything, it just sits at 11% and does not create anymore thumbnails. When I look in the /Thumbs folder for that gallery it will show me several thumbnails but it is definately not a complete list. I have no idea why it quits processing photos, I have not had any troubles in my previous galleries using 1024×768 photos.
    any ideas on that?

    I have not solved the issue but I was able to work around the issue by only adding 60-65 pictures into the gallery at a time and then scanning the gallery folder for new pics. This would allow NextGen to properly create the thumbnails without hanging. When I did larger amounts (not sure on the exact breaking point) NextGen would hang at some point after hitting so many pictures (or possibly bytes of information). So after about 10 or 11 sessions of uploading pictures to the gallery and creating thumbnails I was able to complete the gallery with about 650 pictures.
    Is this a problem that I can avoid somehow and should I be able to upload all 650 pictures into the gallery and create the thumbs at one time? Does anyone else run into this problem?

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