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  • The idea for next gen is great. It’s clearly a powerful tool and some parts are stunning, but it has some limits that are just dumb.

    I’ve been trying to find out how to center my galleries and have still not gone live with NGG because left justified galleries look tacky. There seems to have no option in settings, align center does not work, and even tweaking in CSS seems to do nothing. There’s endless threads on here with the same problem and no solid solutions. It’s nothing new and yet ignored by the dev.

    I’m not sure how someone can be smart enough to design this plugin and not add a basic essential like centering options. Even the example on their site is not center. It’s such a no brainier that we need this. Are we all just missing the option for centering?

    1 star from me until this gets fixed. This is the kind of plugin I’d be willing to donate to, but even if everything else was good, when something this essential is missing, it’s a fail. Does anyone know another clean gallery solution that’s flash free?

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  • I completely agree. Simple Centering is too much to ask for. IF i can get that to be fixed, and for my posts to stop appearing on my pages, I can be a happy camper.

    I would say that the galleries are appearing centered in Firefox and other high class browsers, and left-justified in Internet Explorer (junk browser).

    Really, it is not so much that the coder is a bad guy, or un-aware, it is more that ‘the beast’ Microsoft continues to push their trashy browser, and it is no longer getting the same consideration it used to (it didn’t earn or deserve it).

    A little light about what Next-gen is: Developed by one man in the Netherlands, who took up coding a few years ago as a side thing, and started creating the most comprehensive available gallery system for WordPress.

    The population of user base exploded, and this poor guy has oodles of bug reports to deal with on a daily basis, this is not what he does for his living, this is his spare time project!!

    I’ve been looking around for WordPress gallery software forever-and-a-day, and this is the most comprehensive gallery system available, but not the best fit for all sites, because some people just need a very basic functionality, with just a few options.

    Any idea how to get the title area to stop showing up on the slideshow? I keep trying to delete it, and it won’t let me, but I got it centered!

    EDIT: Wait, this was in Firefox, I will try IE in a minute. OK – worked in IE8.

    I think this added to style.css will work:

    .ngg-galleryoverview { width: 400px !important; margin-left: 80px; }

    Adjust the numbers to suit your site and number of columns.

    That didn’t work unfortunately.

    I want the script taken out, basically that whole space. Please don’t make me hire some indian guy to fix it;-)

    Just to be clear, I’m not slamming the dev personally. I fully understand that most WP plugin devs do work for a pittance because they love to make things work better.

    I just think NGG needs to focus on some basics. This is not just and IE thing. It seems to be all browsers and it’s a commonly brought up problem that has not been addressed. Centering content is one of the most basic possible features and is an essential for good design in many sites.

    o.k. sorry, I jumped the gun then sir. It was more about me venting about IE’s past deficiencies than trying to find an actual solution.

    My experience has been that the gallery images appear centered in Firefox and on the left in Internet Explorer.

    I will look into a fix for a few minutes here. I’m guessing people have checked through all the obvious things so far.

    I just want to figure out how to get that big space out of the gallery so my pictures take up the whole space

    vtxyzzy was right, the centering answer seems to lie in the
    .ngg-galleryoverview { width: 400px !important; margin-left: 80px; }
    since my site is fluid width, I might set the width and margin to %s.

    can you elaborate on that Rain? believe it or not, i actually just got acquainted with my css stylesheet to alter a form.

    I took out 400 and 80 and I put % in, still same thing..

    Oh, I was saying that in my sites case, I needed to use percents because it is a fluid width (adjusts with browser window size) site.

    Your site is different than that, and is not using NGG Gallery as far as I can tell. The template used to make it looks very complex, you may have to hire Krishna to help you out with that. I believe that page needs a template hack (in the index.php, home.php if you have it), you would try perhaps a line break
    before or after the <h2>’s.

    jbilyj, Do you have a NextGen gallery too, or just the slide show there on the front-page? There is those other pictures on the home page, but they don’t seem to be part of NextGen gallery.

    Other light-weight gallery option:
    Lazyest Gallery features

    * Fully integrated in WordPress with Settings and Management pages
    * Automatic thumbnail and slide creation
    * Comment on Images and Folders
    * Manage Comments per Folder or Image
    * JQuery Slideshow, no need for extra Flash download
    * Galleries and sub-galleries follow your directory structure
    * Show thumbnail folders of your gallery in your posts and pages
    * Use populair popup plugin like Lightbox or Thickbox
    * Arrange your folders and images by date, alphabetically or manually
    * Widgets for Random Image and Folder List
    * WordPress Edit Screen button integration for thumbnails
    * Show EXIF data for your jpeg images
    * Add captions to folders and images

    Centering Images:
    Think I got the images centered in Firefox/ Gecko engine browsers, so it may be an Internet Explorer bug (I’m pretty sure it is; some guru probably knows the IE hack for it). Haven’t looked at on widescreen monitor, so don’t know if it is really working, but it is here:

    I have NextGen gallery. My theme is the enterprise theme with a genesis theme foundation from StudioPress

    the gallery is on the front page listed as top right.

    jbilyj , do you mean to take out this title: “We help protect what you care about the most…” ?

    add this to your stylesheet.css from your themes directory:

    #slideshow-4 h4{dispaly:none}

    after that, go to the gallery/slideshow options in the admin panel, and the first setting: Default size (W x H) increase the height number by 80 – 100 pixels or so.

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