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  • Hi there,
    Nextgen has been working great, but after I updated to wordpress 3.0.4 and nextgen 1.7.2 I noticed the ng image viewer does not load up, but it goes directly to the url of the main image. Also it was showing the description along with the main image and if possible I would like to recover this function.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    website is here

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  • Just to clarify, its the image effects (thickbox, shutter etc) that aren’t working.

    Have the same problem since upgrading to WP 3.0.4 yesterday. The gallery sidebar widget loads thickbox and that still works, but using [nggallery id=x] to display a gallery in a page doesn’t – thumbnails link directly to the image only, no effects.


    I found a conflict bug between nextgen and an imageflow plugin (not the ng one) that was causing the problem, as son as I deactivated the imageflow plugin nextgen started working properly.

    You could try deactivating some of your other plugin to see if they’re affecting nextgen.

    jonniboo, thanks for the tip, but that doesn’t do it for me. Oddly, the Shutter effect does work, but not thickbox or lightbox.

    I too am having a problem with nextgen only displaying the[nggallery id=x] in the page. I just installed the plugin as it looks awesome, however I’d love to get it working. Is this due to WP 3.0.4 conflicts or am I doing something wrong?

    webworksmedia – the gallery shortcode [nggallery id=x — where x is replaced with the gallery id number] does work on my pages, but my problem is that the gallery thumbnail link to the full size image doesn’t load the thickbox or lightbox effect. And I’ve styled a whole bunch of other static images on the site to match the thickbox effect I was using in my galleries for consistency 🙁

    Are you using the NextGen button on Tiny MCE to insert the gallery on your page?

    Problem solved. It was my theme that wasn’t playing nice.

    I’m having the same problem as webworksmedia – getting the shortcode on the pages (but it works in posts). I’m using the Tiny MCE nextgen button to insert the gallery (again -it works on posts just not pages).

    I’ve changed my theme and am still having that problem. Help!

    Its not working for me on either posts or pages.

    Not sure if its a plugin conflict as I’m using the TINY MCE advanced editor but I don’t see why that would be an issue, however I’m no expert and would really appreciate any insights.



    Hello Mamaestes,

    I just did a fresh install of wordpress on a subdomain with no plugins and Next Gen is working perfectly.

    Not sure about you but I know that it is something on my site and not the Plugin. Thought I’d let you know. (I have a sneaky suspicion it is a javascript confliction)

    Hi Guys,
    You should also check that your theme’s header.php has the line of code:
    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    From twentyten theme:


    /* Always have wp_head() just before the closing </head>
    * tag of your theme, or you will break many plugins, which
    * generally use this hook to add elements to <head> such
    * as styles, scripts, and meta tags.

    The same goes for the theme’s footer.php which should have the line:
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    Check out the Codex Function Reference:

    I am running multisite and I still can’t get it to work. I have reverted the theme to the twenty ten theme and it still doesn’t work. I’m going to remove all plugins and reinstall wordpress – and see what happens.

    Hi Mamaestes

    Are you sure the path to gallery is correct, and the gallery name?

    Jonniboo – yes. I reinstalled wordpress and got rid of the WordPress Users plugin (it was causing errors) and now I can see my galleries. (Only now I’m having trouble with the galleries not creating thumbnails…so I’m trying to work THAT out).

    thumbnails was an issue with image size – just checked the automatically resize option under image and it’s working like a dream

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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