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  • Hi,

    I would like to request/suggest a feature in NextGen Gallery which would make it even better (in my oppinion).

    I like my blog to look good, so to prevent a “messy” thumbnail view with mixed portrait and landscape thumbnails, I choose to use all square thumbs. For the landscape photos this results in good thumbnails for 99% of the time. But like most photographers will know, with portrait photographs, the head of the subject will mostly be in the upper part/half of the picture. So creating square thumbs from portrait photos will result in pictures with peoples heads ‘cut off’ in many situation.

    It would be nice if NextGen would have a feature (thickbox perhaps?) to use the upper half of portrait photos to create square thumbnails, rather than taking the mid-section of the photo.

    I have no idea how difficult this would be or how much coding this would take, I just thought it would be a nice ‘touch’ to create better (square) thumbs in NextGen Gallery.

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  • I agree that this could be for some photos more useful, anyway I keep it as it is, it’s giving me a good result for the most photos I have.

    I suggest to improve the CSS a bit, so you can show mixed images (portrait/landscape). Play with the widht and height… this should solve the problems in the most cases

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