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[Resolved] [Plugin: NextGEN Gallery] NextGen galleries suddenly disappeared

  • I am having problems suddenly with my gallery slideshows disappearing.

    My header.php file has the wp_head code,

    I’ve checked for duplicate code but don’t think there is any.

    My site is here.

    The gallery is supposed to appear immediately below the “Follow @CNYweddings on Twitter.” line on the homepage. I have several other galleries throghout the site that have also disappeared.

    It is possible that a recent series of plugin updates might have cause a conflict but I have not been able to detect or confirm that yet.

    Any ideas?


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  • cnymike – No one ‘deleted’ your replies. Because you posted so many times and had so many posts deleted from that other thread, you tripped our spam filter. Should be okay now (this happens to everyone, even forum regulars, don’t read too much into it).

    It is possible that a recent series of plugin updates might have cause a conflict but I have not been able to detect or confirm that yet.

    Yes, that’s very possible. Did you try turning off all the other plugins to test? (I know that sucks, did it today on a site with 45 plugins).

    As I was deactivating plugins to isolate the possible culprit, I suddenly had the NextGen galleries reappear after deactivating Jetpack. The galleries reappeared immediately upon deactivation of Jetpack.

    When I reactivated Jetpack, the galleries did not disappear, but remained visible. So it seems that simply deactivating then reactivating Jetpack cleared up the issue. I don’t know exactly why that’s the case, but that’s what happened.

    Any ideas why that worked?

    It’s possible the Jetpack module for shortcodes is causing a problem, and they needed to be activated in a different order so that NextGen has ‘precedence’ over Jetpack. You could try turning BOTH off and then turn on Jetpack first, to test.

    I did try your suggestion and it did not make a difference whether Jetpack was first or NextGen was first to be activated. And it might have been one of the other plugins that was being turned on and off during my initial sweep of activating and deactivating plugins.

    Although I’m pretty sure it was Jetpack causing this, I can’t be 100% certain. But I do know that jetpack was recently updated so it does seem likely that jetpack was the culprit.

    The conflict with Jetpack and NGG continues.

    If I deactivate both Jetpack and NGG and then reactivate them both, it doesn’t matter what order they are reactivated, the NGG gallery shows normally on my pages. However, once I connect with WordPress.com to fully activate Jetpack, then the NGG galleries disappear.

    There is some sort of conflict between these two plugins that I cannot resolve and hope someone can help discover a solution.

    My site currently has Jetpack disabled as it is not possible to have Jetpack enabled and connected to WordPress.com since it causes all my NGG galleries to disappear from my website.

    I have discovered another thread in the support forums that offer a “solution” in the form of a minor code hack. It works! I wish the author of NGG plugin, Alex Rabe, would modify his code to fix this incompatibility with Jetpack since Automatic apparently won’t be changing their code to work with NGG.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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