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  • I know there have been other questions about picture quality, but they do not seem address the exact issue I am having.

    What I want to do is take my photos straight off my camera (in jpg format, size about 2mb) and upload them straight to my NextGen gallery, while having them resized to max width 640px in the process.

    If I do just that, using the NextGen flash uploader set to ‘automatically resize images” the uploaded images lose significant quality – they lose sharpness, and at times become pixelated. It is as if they are being saved in very low quality jpg. The file size, however, ends up at around 450kb

    On the other hand, if I first manually resize the images (using IrfanView) and then upload them using the flash uploader with the resizing switched off, their better image quality is preserved. Yet the file size now is only 250kb.

    Compare (especially around the eyes):
    this was resized by the flash upgrade.
    This was uploaded after first resizing

    So the flash resizer is producing poorer quality, yet larger file size, pictures. The thumbnails are also really poor – very blurred.

    There is no option on NextGen for choosing image quality (only on the thumbnails – set to 100%). I have tried both the GD and the imageMagick options, but it makes no difference (I guess they are used in the thumbnail generation only).

    So, are there any solutions to this? Or do I have to manually resize all my images before uploading?



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  • Photos from most digital cameras need sharpening after reducing the image size. If the uploader doesn’t do this I’d batch resize your images before uploading

    Adobe Elements offers a batch resize with optional Auto Levels and sharpening – those two together do a good job of sorting most images out of the camera. It also offers watermarking or logoing

    Nick Froome

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