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    First I would like to commend Alex on his fantastic and durable plugin, If i can make some money ill mos def make a donation 😉 Something strange seems to be going on with the header in my site, but only in ie7 and only on specific pages. (i havent tested in ie6, i really dont care about ie6, though i probably should)

    I am using threaded menus in the header, they work flawlessly in ff and safari. in ie7, the dropdowns were initially appearing, but recently just stopped and I dont know why. I am pretty dang certain that I made no changes to the actual site templates between the time they were showing and now. What does this have to do with next-gen? well, in two of the pages, only the pages that are displaying next-gen albums, the header menus dont show up at all, along with an h2 blog tagline. What ive noticed is a little invisible box sitting to the left of the search bar in the header, which can be highlighted and seems to contain the lost menu information. The header menus are also not showing up in a page that has both flash players and a jquery accordion. I will eventually figure this out, but i was wondering if there was some heavenly angel out there who knew the answer to my dilemma.

    Check it out first hand here! – Still a work in progress….


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  • ok, I just realized that the header menu in ie 7 on all of the pages disappears outright if its left alone for a few minutes or so…… strange. my education lies more in art, i only started coding recently out of necessity though i have ironically fallen in love with it to a point much beyond simple usages, so i miss alot of simple little things like this due to the lack of education.

    Thanks Again

    Ok, I did some research and I found this article. (If you are as person who gets frustrated with IE, i highly suggest giving this a thorough read) Turns out the display issue was being caused by something as simple as having position:relative in the styles for the header. I removed it and now the menus seem to appear fine on all pages. Im still looking for a fix for the nested menus issue

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