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  • GaryDev


    I’ve been programming for 30 years, but I never wanted to get into HTML stuff, preferring the stability of desktop type applications. Recently I was approached to help with a wordpress site for a girl fighting breast cancer and I’ve become committed to doing what I can.

    Nextgen Gallery is at 1.9.0 and JJ Nextgen JQuery Carousel is at 1.1.8.

    I was able to edit the Atahualpa theme options, and changed the functions.php file, in the “function footer_output” area and added in the following code:

    echo "<div id='jbijJJ'><center>";
     echo do_shortcode('[jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id="about-jcarousel" gallery="1" width="150" height="110" visible="5" scroll="1" auto="10"]');
     echo "</center></div>";

    For the most part, it seems to be working right I guess… I did follow the instructions on making a new skin.css file for the carousel, and added that option into the shortcode above, but it never “took”. I could change it so that it used the default skin (in the code above) and that worked, so I know my code wasn’t causing an error. Not sure why it would not accept the new skin definition so I had no choice but to modify the default. Kinda messes up any future plans, and I’m sure it’s probably something silly that I forgot. There was some talk in the doc file about putting the skin css code into the system, but I have to ask why that would be needed if the skin_class was set… one would think it would know the path and values… anyway.

    My next issue is trying to get the aspect display to actually “look right”. When the images were initially uploaded into the gallery, the option to enable auto resizing and maintaining the aspect ratio was not set. I did change those, the upload image sizing area is set to 800×600 (thumbnails are set to 150×75, the default I think)… and I performed a bulk resize update on the album. From what the album management side says, it looks like those stored images were all updated to “close” to 800×600.

    I originally had the carousel set to 150×150, and it wasn’t right so I tried changing it to 150×110 (the current code) and that doesn’t seem right either.

    I am guessing there is no option that allows a true size to be displayed, from reading other posts.

    The girls that use this site aren’t graphics people. And neither am I. Is there some way to fix this so that things look better? The site just went live ( and I would really like to have this “show” as best as possible for them.

    Any suggestions would be *deeply* appreciated. Thanks kindly in advance.

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  • kg69design


    Hi. First of all I have to mentioned that authors of NextGEN Gallery and JCarousel addon are different people and there is another topic for jj-ngg-jquery-carousel

    So, it is hard to understand all your resize manipulations with thumbnails so I suggest to do all from scrath.

    1. Enable “auto resizing and maintaining the aspect ratio” in NextGEN Gallery thubnails-settings page.
    2. Resize all thubnails of gallery in NextGEN Gallery with a “bulk resize update” to sizes you need (150×110 for example).
    3. Add shortcode with settings, with these, for example:
    [jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id="jcarousel_01" gallery="1" width="150" height="110" visible="5" scroll="1" auto="10" gap="5" wrap="both"]
    4. The main problem of jj-ngg-jquery-carousel is that it can’t crop images, so you need to use thumbnails that your generated with the help of NextGEN Gallery. To do this you need to modified source code of jj-ngg-jquery-carousel.

    Solutions are here but it uses thickbox-effect wich I don’t like (of course you can modified code without adding thickbox-effect-support (you’ll need to install thickbox-effect plugin also)).

    I preferred colorbox plugin Just install it, set first option to “enabled”. Then go to NextGEN Gallery => Options => Effects and turn-off “JavaScript Thumbnail effect” (then it will be colorbox).

    In case of colorbox you should modified file: plugins => jj-nextgen-jquery-carousel => includes => jj-ngg-jquery-carousel.php
    Find lines (210 in my case):
    $output .= "<img src=\"" . $image->imageURL . "\" " . $image_description . $width_d . $height_d . " border=\"0\" />";
    And replase them with:

    $newurl = get_bloginfo("wpurl") . "/" . $image->path . "/thumbs/thumbs_" . $image->filename;
    $output .= "<a href=\"" . $image->imageURL . "\"><img src=\"" . $newurl . "\" " . $image_description . $width_d . $height_d . " border=\"0\" /></a>";

    5. Then you can just add some CSS in your main CSS-theme file (to override defaults)

    Also you can use CSS that I used on one of my projects with these plugins:



    Thanks for the response, I will take a look at modifying the function code to grab the thumbs… I had thought it was supposed to do that already but apparently not.

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