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  • Having recently changed to a new domain and new server I just noticed that the NextGen Gallery images are not displaying.

    So I went to the admin and saw that nextGen thinks there are no galleries or images.

    But if I FTP in I can see all the gallery folders and all the images are there.

    So it seems that NextGen has lost the data that accompanies these galleries. I would hate to have to enter all this data again as there are many galleries it would take many hours to set up again.

    Is there a way I can get the accompanying data back?

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  • Anyone have any ideas?

    I assume this information is kept somewhere?


    Check the database do you see the NextGEN tables ?

    I see the tables but they appear to be empty.

    I guess they NextGEN tables are not part of a standard back up?

    Is there a way of getting into one of my old backups looking for the tables? If they can be found on one a previous backup can I take just the NextGEN tables from that backup and import them into the current database?

    Same problem here:

    galleries exist in the correct folder,
    but database table is empty,


    I have restored the database on another server and can see the wp_ngg tables.

    What I need to know though is how to export just these tables and import them into the new server’s database?

    Is that possible?

    I’ve mannaged to import the tables. Here is how:

    I went into PYPMyAdmin and went to each of the three wp_ngg tables and exported them individually.


    Each time I copied the text into a txt file and saved them with the same name, i.e: wp_ngg-gallery

    Then I logged into the new server and navigated to the specific wp_ngg table and used the import function for each of the three tables.

    After doing this with the three wp_ngg tables I then visited my blog and found everythign was restored. Relatively easy once you know how.

    Thanks Dave333 for working through this. I was having the same problem. I’d just add a few things for clarification. Log into the old server to access PHPMyAdmin. Navigate to the correct database to find wp_ngg_album, wp_ngg_gallery, and wp_ngg_pictures.

    Export them one at a time by making sure that only the chosen one is highlighted, label it and “save as” a .txt file. After downloading the files to your computer (before importing them to the new domain) open them to make sure that the correct name is in the file. Most people will only need to make sure that the new (destination) domain’s database be switched with the old one.

    (I had additional editing because my files had (wp1_ngg…) – a number one after wp, so I changed them all to wp – even for all of the picture files, but it worked!)

    Now log into the new server’s PHPMyAdmin. (It’s assumed that wordpress has already been installed, so you’ve already created the new database, and the plugins have been added or replicated.)

    Delete the wp_ngg_album, wp_ngg_gallery, and wp_ngg_pictures files, and use the import function to import your .txt files from your computer. (I had to delete them before importing them, but that probably had to do with which boxes I left check marked on the initial export.)

    This worked for me, thanks to Dave’s input above. Hope that it works for others.

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