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  • On my desktop and my MacBook, I love the mittens off of WordPress and NextGEN Gallery for managing my site’s contents. Especially as I’m learning more about the custom templates, but I am not having as much fun trying to post an entry or add a gallery from my BlackBerry Storm. But before I start troubleshooting why I can’t click Submit when uploading pictures to a gallery or why Opera Mini does this but the Blackberry Browser does that, I just wanted to know if anyone already using NextGEN from a mobile to point out a few things I should be considering. I am hoping that this is one of those “use this browser with this setting” issues and not a “toy with the scripting” thing. Because if it’s as easy to publish pictures I took with my cameraphone to my online slideshow, from the phone, just after I took them, would make me insanely happy. So far, I’ve spent a few minutes just trying it on my lunch break, but wasn’t able to get my cameraphone pix uploaded yet. Should I try try again or should I change my expectations?

    I am running WP 2.9.1 with NGG 1.4.3. On a Blackberry Storm I running OS 5. Is it odd that on the NGG Admin Overview that I can easily see my version of WP, what server I’m running on, a warning that tells me I’m running an older version of PHP that will limit what features I can use, right down to the compatible graphics formats, but I can’t tell what version of NGG I am using? I can get it from the plug-ins page, of course.

    I have all but abandoned my MySpace & Facebook pages once I realized how easy it is to manage a lot of pictures and a lot of content to my own site because of NGG. But as I now become more mobile, I want to take that ease of use with me. Is that practically possible on today’s Blackberries, DROIDs, iPhones and other non-full-blown OSs? Given the option, I would rather upgrade than roll up my sleeves. The whole beauty of WP is the ease of pubbing from any computer anywhere with an internet connection. It kills me I can blog to my site from a Moto RAZR with one bar of service in God-knows-where Texas because I took a few too many wrong turns, but I couldn’t post the pictures from the trinket shop I finally rolled by until three days later when I finally got back to North Carolina. I want to be able to live-publish a roadtrip to my site, photos taken and journal notes. How do I get NGG configured to work with a mobile device like a Blackbery Storm? Ideally, I’d rather just email it in to and have WP pub the post while NGG dumps the images into a “mobile upload” gallery. That takes the platform compatibility right out of my equation. But if that means writing a plug-in, I’ll upgrade handsets to whatever gets me pubbing on the road before summer gets here. It would be liberating to actually leave the laptop and Nikon behind this time. But I also don’t wanna keep ending everything with “check my FaceBook for photos.”

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