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  • I’m sure that this is a dumb question and has been answered 100 times – but damn if I can find the answer so here it goes…

    I have quite a list of galleries that are active, and I would like to have them sorted via alpha instead of by date. Is this possible? If so where / how?

    Any assistance would be much appreciated

    – Mike

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  • Are you talking about how the order the Galleries are in an album? You can drag and drop to sort however you want.

    I’m sorry I should have been more specific.

    I’m speaking about both the “insert gallery” list when inserting a gallery into a post – AND – the manage gallery list, when…ah…managing galleries.

    As the moment they both are sorted by creation date – and I would like to sort them by something a bit more usable like alpha.

    – Mike

    There’s a Sort Gallery button inside each gallery in the Manage Gallery panel.

    You can also use custom fields ngg_gal_Sort and ngg_gal_SortDirection to overwrite the sort order for individual posts.

    I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to get this across 😉 Sooooooooooooo Let’s try this one more time…

    From the Word Press Dashboard Page…
    Under “Gallery” select “Manage Gallery…
    The list of galleries that appear…THAT is one of the lists I’m speaking about.

    This particular gallery is sorted by date or maybe gallery number – But I would like to sort it by the name of the gallery for ease of finding a particular gallery without having to read each and every one.

    The other is…

    Within a post…
    Select “Add NextGen Gallery”
    the Option to “Select Gallery”…is the OTHER LIST I am speaking about.

    This gallery is sorted in reverse order of the one above. Which is fine if your inserting the just created gallery – however, if you are looking for one further back, it against gets kind of tiresome having to read each and every one to find it.

    I hope this explains it a bit better, I hope…Mike

    When viewing the list of galleries in MANAGE GALLERIES its ordered by ID and don’t hink it has any bearing on anything else.
    You have me a bit confused. You seem to say “sort galleries” or do you mean the images in a gallery? The latter i answered in my first post.

    Select “Add NextGen Gallery”??? I don’t have that choice in any of my sites editing posts with Nextgen. Not sure I understand by you say having to “READ EACH” What are you reading?


    We’re getting closer!

    (1) It is exactly the list of galleries on the “Manage Galleries” screen that I’m trying to have sorted by name instead of ID.

    (2) When in the “Add New Post” screen, there is an icon that allows me to select whether to add a “Gallery” and “Album” or a “Picture”

    There are two options under “Gallery”:
    (A) Select Gallery:
    (B) Show as “Image list,” “Slideshow,” or “Image browser”

    Next to option (A) “Select Gallery” – there is a pull down box. It is the list within this pull down box that I am trying to sort by the name of the gallery, and NOT the ID.

    – Mike

    1) In the middle of six things but you should be in nextgen/admin/manage-galleries.php
    THink you need to play with:
    $gallerylist = $nggdb->find_all_galleries('gid', 'asc', TRUE, 25, $start, false);
    Looks like set to gid ascending. Try title or name
    2) Have no time but I believe you need to find $sortorder
    and change that. Think its like galleriesID but need to get back to my real work. Check and you will find it.

    I just had a look through the files and you’ll need to edit the following parts:

    (1) Open /admin/manage-galleries.php and find line 15.
    $gallerylist = $nggdb->find_all_galleries('gid', 'asc', TRUE, 25, $start, false);

    Change the first parameter from 'gid' to either 'title' or 'name'. ‘title’ is the actual title and ‘name’ is the slug. The second parameter is obviously 'asc' or 'desc'. The third is TRUE to show image count and FALSE to not. The fourth is the number of galleries to display per page. The fifth, $start, is for pagination so leave that and the last one I’m not too sure how it works.

    You can find find_all_galleries() in /lib/ngg-db.php

    (2) Open /admin/tineymce/window.php and find line 45.
    $gallerylist = $nggdb->find_all_galleries('gid', 'DESC');

    Same as above, change 'gid' to either 'title' or 'name'.

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