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  • Hey,

    I’d start with a simple suggestion: a list for all the default short codes either on your blog, faq or on the plugin itself would be mighty useful

    Now my problem.

    Links don’t seem to show up properly using the default short code (which I had to find in the changelog after I came across an old link hack post where someone noted the new link feature, hence my above suggestion)

    Say I use this code, following the changelog:

    [singlepic id=32 h=100 float=none link=””]

    the link would appear as””

    This is fine if I want to link to a local post, but what if I wanted to link out? Does it mean I have to create a local redirect? Or am I using the shortcode wrongly?

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  • Oh yea, and it seems pretty temperamental. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t



    The default shortcodes are listed in the FAQ:

    But I agree it would be useful to have an extensive list of current supported shortcodes all in one place.

    As for the shortcode link element, you need to use a full URL to link to an external site, i.e.

    [singlepic id=32 h=100 link=””]

    Yeap, like the link shortcode’s not in that list, so having a comprehensive list would keep annoying buggers like me away from these forums =p

    Ok I’ll give it a shot and update

    Thanks Bozz

    Nope, still doesn’t work.

    It appears as””

    You can create a template of your liking to output the html however you see fit, including customizing the css, etc.

    I have tried this a few minutes ago. I wanted ONE image from a specific gallery to appear in my universal footer: footer-enhanced.php and have that image link. Using the short tag in the footer code, only the code shows up. I have one photo I want to show. I have uploaded to a unique album so the client can choose the id number to featured. I’ve associated a link with the album, but like a9fc, I would love to change the links or allow the client to change the link of the image when the change which image is featured in their footer in the footer-enhanced.php code.
    Forgive my ignorance, please if I’m missing the obvious:
    <div class=”col4″>
    [singlepic id=192 w=225 h=150 link=””]</div>

    What do I need to change to get this one specific image to show and allow a specific link from the image?

    Will this file be static? If so, there is no need to use the plugin…just use html img & href tags to point to the image and the href to where you want people to be directed to…I also do not believe that your shortcode is proper…

    Does ‘class’ really end in e?

    Try this:

    <a href=""><img class="yourclass";" title="Your Title" border="0" alt="Description" <?php echo do_shortcode('[singlepic id=192 w=225 h=150]'); ?></img></a>

    Of course, you update the ‘your’ items.

    You can add target="_blank" to href if you want to open a new window or tab when img link is clicked on…

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[singlepic id=192 w=225 h=150]') ?> will generate the html of the img of nextgen gallery img id 192 with dim.’s noted.

    Also if the domain url can be drawn from a PHP variable it should be also.

    I think class="yourclass";" should be class="yourclass"

    You are correct, I tested above but ignored the class so to fix:

    <a href=""><img class="yourclass" title="Your Title" border="0" alt="Description" <?php echo do_shortcode('[singlepic id=192 w=225 h=150]'); ?></img></a>

    OK now?

    You are pretty wonderful. Thank you both.

    The credit should go to SwansonPhotos. I just happened to wander past and spot a minor markup error.

    Thank you both! I appreciate the quick response. Have a great week.

    Glad to help!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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