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  • Hello!
    My question is:
    Is it possible to make a gallery open by clicking on a photo which is NOT a photo from the gallery?

    Full explanation of my question:
    I have a page which is a photo. I wish to make a part of it clickable, using html Image-mapping, and make that “click” start a gallery.
    I do NOT want the photos to show on the page at all, only on the gallery
    that opens after clicking on the button.

    Is that possible?
    thanks in advance for your help!! 🙂

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  • Good question, it interests me too.

    If I understand the question, the answer is yes. Please check out either of these links caas or jamesdixon. In both cases I had some nested galleries within galleries and couldn’t figure out how to get NextGen to handle it the way I wanted. I think the NGGTAGS function mentioned in the NextGen plugin site was supposed but I can’t get that to work. These pages use HTML <img> tags and links to open pages that have the real NextGen code.
    Like this:
    <img src=”” alt=”Star Parties and Outreach Events” width=”150″ border=”0″ />

    Star Parties and Outreach Events</td>

    Jim Dixon

    JimDixon, this is not what I mean.
    The question is –
    I want only ONE photo from the gallery to show on the page, and once clicked, the SLIDESHOW opens, not a page that shows ALL the photos in the gallery.
    And this is a tricky one.
    Any ideas?

    I took the challenge. This is not perfect but take a look at this Click on either the first link or the butterfly and then it is replaced with a ScrollGallery.
    Here is the HTML behind it.
    Click Here To Show Slideshow
    Click Here To Hide Slideshow
    <div id=”singlepict”>

    <img src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ />

    <div id=”slideshow” style=”display: none”>
    [scrollGallery id=6 width=500]

    JimDixon, your idea could be a solution as far as the visual aspect goes!

    few things I can’t figure out here:

    1. Couldn’t get it to display the next stage..
    Here is the page where I put your code in:

    2. I want the slide show to open immediately by clicking the photo (I might ditch the text, or just have a one-liner for opening slideshow).

    3. what is scrollGallery? HERE:
    <div id=”slideshow” style=”display: none”>
    [scrollGallery id=2 width=500]

    Should I use slideshow id=x]
    (Both ways don’t work now.. -thought I might need to define a slideshow (?), but couldn’t find any documentation about that..)

    Keep in mind I’m not a poet (as in I do not write code for a living 🙂

    p.s – wouldn’t mind finding a way to put the whole thing CENTERED. (doesn’t work with <center> ..)

    Uh, you may wanna try this:
    – create a gallery
    – select a representing gallery image (from Manage Gallery)
    – set gallery to start as slideshow
    – check the “disable page connection” in NG options
    – from NG menu, create an album and drop your gallery in it
    – create a page for the album, using shortcode

    [album id=XXX]

    In that page you should see a list of galleries included in your album, each represented with the image you selected, its title and description (if you provided one): by clicking the gallery image you should see the slideshow opening up in the same page.


    Rash & JimD – what i’m aiming at is something else.
    I’l give another example —
    I want this page:
    which has an image-map (could be changed if serves the purpose..), to show the gallery which is on the bottom for now, when ever someone clicks on the link (which is the entire are of the photos).
    no extra pages, only one click to open the gallery on top of the screen..

    I’m not sure Nextgen can do it, but god knows I’m trying 🙂
    what say you?

    Hi IDO_1,

    after some thinking about it, “what to do” looks simple: add an HTML tag to your image to bring up the gallery; this, after you installed, configured and tested any lightbox/highslide/colorbox plugin.
    “How to do it” seems a bit more complicated: I’ve been trying to manually re-build a standard link to a gallery but no success!
    Maybe Alex (Rabe) may address this issue: how do I manually rebuild a standard link to a slideshow?

    More details about the manually rebuilt link to the gallery: such a link just opens a modal (highslide, in my case) box with the first picture of the gallery while the rest of the slideshow/gallery seems not loaded. All the necessary jscripts look loaded but this may reveal wrong. You may want to check link code here (test website):


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