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  • First of all thank you so much for these helpful links…I have just finished my site:

    I used the custom fields to have a gallery where each image links to a different page. Each page that it links to has a gallery of images that when clicked on they will open up into a lightbox.

    The solution of creating a file called gallery-customlinks.php works very well.

    I just wanted to point out one important thing however, when you enter the shortcode it should read [nggallery id=x template=customlinks]

    A previous post had this written incorrectly as [nggallery id=x template=gallery-customlinks] <-writing it in this manner will not render the gallery properly

    Thanks Again I am greatful to how helpful this has been…please check out my site

    Shauno, your instructions worked for viewing gallery images on NextGen’s default Albums page. Now I’m trying to apply your guide to the related image thumbnails that NextGen can display below a single image in a post (I’m using tags to find them).

    The controls for nggShowRelatedGallery() start in nggfunctions.php at line 710. I replaced the imageURL with ngg_custom_fields[“custom_link”] — where custom_link is the name of my custom field. However, this only links the thumbnails to the URL that I’m currently viewing.

    This may be a more complicated hack than doing this for Gallery thumbnails. Thanks for your help! Here’s my site:

    Just in response to have two galleries on a site issue – one with thickbox and the other with a custom template to open links in a new window.

    There are a couple of points that should be pointed out for this two work.

    Ensure that in “effects” you choose Thickbox. And in gallery-customlinks.php you need to delete the code <?php echo $image->thumbcode ?>. This takes away the class from the images and the links will then be able to work and also add target=”_blank” so the links open in a new window.

    Hope this helps!

    I’m hurting big time. Trying to complete the Smooth Gallery mod. Ran through Shauno’s description several times. All goes well until the nggsmoothsharedfunctions.php mod. After completing, I get a PARSE ERROR “unexpected T STRING”.

    The two line numbers (102 & 182) described above, don’t match with what I see in my editor, but I think I’m in the right spot. Can anyone help?

    Hey enigma23
    The parse error will tell you which file and what line are giving the problems.
    Paste the code, from about 5 lines above the line number specified, to 5 lines after, and I will see if I can see what the problem is.

    Help Please!
    I have installed the custom field plugin, added a gallery called thumbnails, changed the code line 42 in gallery.php. added the shortcode [[nggallery id=x] and the gallery is showing up as thumbnails horizontally on home page – just what I wanted – although I now want to link each thumbnail to individual pages within my site. Where do I specify the link URL for each image – it doesn’t appear to give me a custom field for each image. (Is that what this plug in should do?)

    Site URL is:

    I would also like to add a caption under each thumbnail – saying More Info >>> – please can you explain how I do this.

    I have been looking for ways to do the above for ages and, hopefully, at last this will work for me.

    Your help would be appreciated.


    I have sorted it – just need to add the captions now.

    WordPress Custom Field Plugin is brilliant plug in, Ihave been looking for this for ages and it works really well.

    Thanks Shauno

    Hey jennyrrr
    Glad you got it working, and glad you like the plugin!

    Sorry, but I posted this on a resolved post. Here is the correct unresolved post:

    Hi there –
    After lots of searching, found this post – THANK YOU! Wondering how to make the link appear in a pop-up window, though…?

    The thread that wouldn’t die 🙂

    I suppose you could just add target="_blank" to the hrefs. Simple, but affective.

    Shauno thank you for sharing your time and expertise on this thread!

    I have implemented all the suggestions you made but still the thumbnails are linking to the post preview page. I disabled the JS effects, installed the Next Gen custom fields plugin and edited line 42 of gallery.php and gallery-caption.php. Still no luck though – the gallery displays as if I hadn’t made any changes at all, with thumbnails linking to post preview page. I’m using [nggallery id=1 template=caption] to call my gallery.

    Any ideas why this isn’t working? It seems so straight forward!

    Nevermind, it appears to be working now! For some reason the urls weren’t being saved when I added them to the custom field. It’s all good now. Thanks!!

    Hey Shauno,
    I thought I’d keep it alive for another while. The plugin rocks, but now of course we want the incredible and display the custom fields on the lightbox. Do you know if anyone has done it or can anyone help?

    Anyone? Anything?


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