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    Hi Everybody. As subj mentions – is it possible to add social sharing buttons for each picture in the gallery? Something like a plugin “sharing is caring” does with each blog? I would like to have FB, twitter, pinterest and maybe google +….
    Is that possible or there are some guides how to do that?
    ps.Sorry if that question got asked many times already… I’ve done some search, but haven’t found a good answer.

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  • Hi Roman,
    I’m searching for the same answer. Have you found a way to integrate the likes and shares to the NextGen gallery?
    I guess it might be possible to integrate a like and share button to the gallery view, like in the PrettyPhoto plugin where your likes are linking to the page/post but not to the individual picture. I’m looking for a solution to like or share each picture separately. By now it is just possible if you setup to show 1 picture on page. But this doesn’t work for me.



    Hi, small update:
    I’ve found a plugin to the nextgen gallery adding comments and likes to each picture:
    Though I can’t get it work correctly on my page and the page has to be refreshed every next picture, so it is not exactly what I’m looking for though its close! ­čÖé

    Hi guys,

    My plugin does this: Social Gallery – atm its $14 but that’s just a small fee so I can keep updating it and improving it. Check it out ­čÖé




    I would also like a solution to this.
    Woody, your solution would not work for me as I want to avoid any Lightbox on my site.

    My situation, I have lots of images (lets say 100) on a page.

    M. Fran├žois HOLLANDE (17 Images)

    I have implemented a global like button for the whole post, but I would like to add (retrospectively) some sort of share for individual images on the page.

    A plugin that does not require to much time to implement e.g. I do not want to reinstall all the images again.

    ANY IDEAS WELCOME! if i find a solution I will report back here.



    Still no further on this one, Anyone else had any luck?



    I am a big fan of Social Gallery – yes, it’s $14 (developer’s have to eat, too), but that’s very reasonable for what it does. I would recommend checking it out.

    Count me in for a solution to this. I’ve been looking too. Social Gallery takes much too long to load and I’m looking for something simple. Let me know if anyone finds anything.



    Just had a look at the Social Gallery that Jvoorman recommended, thanks for the tip.

    Yes it looks very good and I dont mind paying for good plugins, my two hesitations are will it work on my old posts without too much time and effort and the length of time it takes to load the page will it slow down my already heavy site.

    For a photography site the page load time is HYPER critical (as all sites are I guess) need to do some testing

    My 100% wish list – simple light plugin that adds a small neat Facebook Like button under each photo (may be a twitter and a G+) that’s it SIMPLE



    jvoorman –

    will it work if i have added my images into my post manually,

    IE all my posts do not use the gallery function?

    Hi All,

    Cool your discussing Social Gallery here – please do let me know if you have any questions I can help with.

    It’s great to hear real concerns/thoughts – you mention Jaabie that a super fast/simplistic lightbox would suit you? I believe a few of my competitors might have some OK solutions for that, if you don’t want any further social interaction aspects. Social Gallery is now in it’s v2.0 which is considerably faster than it used to be, but perhaps it has more features than you specifically need.

    I might even venture into making a way more simplistic plugin in the future, perhaps with optional “load when asked for” social element. In this vane please do share the 3 most important things you’d want in such a plugin!

    HI all

    Woodyhayday – I noticed your Social Gallery plugin – it looks great and has a very snazzy website! Nice work.

    Jaabie – If you want to avoid using a lightbox I have a suggestion for you —

    Like Woodyhayday, I wanted a way to share NextGen Gallery images in social media. And like you, I wanted a tool that worked with the lightbox — or without it — and would not intrude on the images.

    So I paid a developer to create ShareMyGallery .

    You can see a demo of it here – the sharing icons show up on hover.

    You can set it up to share on Facebook (works on iPhone too!), Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and by email.

    Note: it’s not free — it is $18.

    What do you think?

    is there a wordpress plugin that allows people to tag there facebook friends and do everything described above.

    Mike from Africa



    The plugin Social Gallery is great and thanks for sharing. But not quite what im after.

    bluejpro – i like the concept however in order to use it you need to have nextgen. and it seems to open in a light box, can you set it so that the share icons show but it does not open in a lightbox? HAPPY TO PAY 18 bucks

    MY TOP wish list.

    Simple plugin that will add a facebook share/like button to each photo.
    WITHOUT it opening any LIGHT BOX feature. (My photos have been added to my posts one bay one, without using any gallery feature, I would love it to work retrospectively on all my past postes however Im realistic and would happy for it to just fork on my future posts)



    @ mikecapetown you can tag your friends (to a post not to individual photos using the Facebook official plugin)

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