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  • Hi!

    I would just love to have the ability to use the images in my various NextGen Galleries as if they where in the media library. I.e I would like to have all the image sizes that my media library images has. I would like to edit the image in the same way as if it was inserted from media library.

    It is quite often I have a post with a gallery at the end but would like to use one or two of the gallery images as illustrations to my text. I would the like to have nice image descriptions and everything else that I have carefully crafted in my theme and that works beautifully with the media library.

    This kind of feature would also let me use NG Galleries to group images together in some form of stock photo galleries from which I could pick images for use all over my blog. A feature that is sorely lacking in the media library that doesn’t allow for any logical grouping at all.

    Hope this was understandable and perhaps more people could see the use for this kind of feature. Keep up the incredible work on what is, without competition, the best gallery plug-in for WordPress.

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  • Seriously? No one else that ever wanted to do that? How do you group you photos in you library?

    I agree that some functions of the core gallery function are better or useful, currently my plugin focus on group function in album / galleries and batch fetaures inside this galleries ( tags, edit , resize, copy, move, watermark ).

    When there is time I will think of a sync between core and NGG

    Great! I think you have a fantastic plug-in and as you said I think it is perfect for grouping functionality. That is why I miss being able to use my gallery pictures in my posts (WYSIWYG editing like from Media Library). As a gallery plug-in it already rules. 🙂

    I’ve been following this thread since you started it and I thought I knew what you were talking about but now I’m not so sure.

    You can insert a gallery picture in your post with ‘WYSIWYG editing’ like what the Media Library does. I do it on my blog.

    Are you talking about some other aspect of that?


    Not sure what Joppe mean , but as you know some features could be usefull as well for NGG ( upload from the post edit page etc )

    @paulio51. Yeah I know. But not with the media library image sizes. I have a gallery thumbnail and a full size to choose from. I’ve carefully selected those two sizes to be optimal for galleries. But my media library thumbnail, medium, large sizes are selected to match my overall theme and I’ve selected those sizes to match the width of a post viewed by single.php or a page viewed by page.php. All I want is an option to generate additional thumbnails with media library sizes and a possibility to choose from those when inserting gallery pictures into content.

    And I wold also like for the image caption to be inserted correctly when inserting a picture from the gallery. Now I have to edit the image one additional time for the WP short code to be generated correctly. 🙂

    Ah, thanks for replying. I hadn’t needed those options (yet?) and I can see how those would make things easier.


    So, I’ve been reading through all the documentation and forums for NextGen for an implementation on a client site. I had one simple question (as do many other NextGen users I’ve read): Can you/How do you use WP Media Library images in your NextGen albums/galleries? This question/answer should be in the FAQs on the plugin install repository in bold letters. It’s a key issue. We all love NextGen but no clear direction on this (at least I couldn’t find it) on sharing images between NextGen and WP Media Library is stated. Alex, you allude to it above that there is no sychronization between the two, but it is still unclear. Please clarify here and on the plugins page. Users hate uploading images twice into the same DB.

    Clear answer : You can’t sync images or use images between WP Media Lib <-> NextGEN Gallery



    thanks for your plugin, its great but there are still quite a lot of issues in usability (or I dont get it maybe 😉 ).

    like this: How can you insert just one, single picture from nextgen into post? There is a tool for that, but thats totally unusable, it lists all images in one single dropdown without filtering by album and gallery. and without showing thumbs. Not usable once you have more then 3 galleries with lets say 20 pictures in each.

    and there is a lot of problems like this. You list galleries in dropdowns, but what if i have 50 of them or more?
    Maybe I just dont get what is this plugin meant for. 😉

    Yep, see here and keep in mind thatyou can insert a image in the same way like core images via the media link.

    Hi there,

    I don’t intend to hijack this thread but contribute to the discussion.
    What’s the key problem? We all would like to see NextGen REPLACE the WP Media Library (which is very poor).

    While this is partially possible due to the inclusion of the NextGen windows within the “insert picture” option in a post or page, you CAN NOT upload any image into NextGen there…

    Let’s think workflow, non-technical user.

    • User x wants to post a new page to the blog.
    • He has the text and would like to upload three pictures for the article.
    • While pasting the text is easy, he now wants to post three pictures and needs to upload them.


    • The author creates his own gallery or clicks through to an existing gallery.
    • He then clicks the “upload image” button and selects the three pictures from his hard disk.
    • NextGEN does what it does best and uploads, resizes, thumbnails, etc the images.
    • The user then inserts the into the page he is working on and aligns/resizes with the integrated wordpress / tinymce tools.

    Would this be possible in the near future?
    I would even pay for this feature….

    Thanks, Titus

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