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  • I am using NextGen Gallery 1.7.2 and am having some problems in the manage gallery screen. When I loaded in my images, for some reason two of the three I loaded ended up rotated 90 degrees. When I go to manage gallery and click on Rotate in FireFox or IE8 I get a new tab with the options to rotate, but clicking on the Update button does nothing. In Google Chrome when I click on Rotate, I get an error message saying the page cannot be displayed.

    Another issue that is happening with my manage gallery screen – when I pull it up in IE8, I can see the thumbnails fine. In FF they don’t show at all and in Chrome they show as broken images. ???

    Any help on the rotate issue would be greatly appreciated. The thumbnail issue is neither here nor there, just thought it might be relevant to the problem.


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  • Same problem about image rotated without any actions from my side and the rotation feature not working (or doing nothing, that is the same as now working).

    But I see in 4 months nobody answered about this issue, as is quite common with NextGen support: most of users’ questions stay unanswered 🙁

    I’m also experiencing this issue and have been trying to find a solution online without any luck. It seems many people have asked the same question and like sciamannikoo said, they don’t get any answer at all which is very disappointing, especially considering the posts get closed and marked as resolved when there are no answers.

    I do believe that I have found a fix for my case but it’s not ideal.
    Basically I used the standard windows paint program to rotate the image and I think it didn’t change the metadata of the file which tells programs which orientation to display the image in.

    When using windows photo viewer to rotate the image instead it did in fact then display correctly when uploaded with NextGEN.
    Give it a try and see if it works for you.

    Like I said, it’s not ideal because users uploading pics to my site aren’t exactly going to know this and would become frustrated. Also it’s not really feasible for the admin to manually rotate pictures.

    Hope this helps a bit anyway. Bit of a strange one!

    If only NGG rotation feature would work, there would be a better workaround.

    I can’t use Windows programs. I tried with mostly everything that is available for Mac. Gimp solve the problema, but as you said, I can’t ask users to do that and I just don’t have time to do that for every picture wrongly rotated that users upload.

    Same problem here! Has maybe anybody solved that? :/

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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