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  • Been a big fan of the NextGen Gallery for a while. I’ve got a site where I’m using the ImageBrowser, and I’ve got a problem.

    Is there a way to make the page not reload each time the user clicks the arrow to the next image?
    My ImageBrowser box is down a ways on the pages and its makes it very tedious when the user has to wait for the whole page to reload then scroll down to the images, then do the same thing for each image.

    For all I know I am missing some sort of option to allow this, but I’m not sure.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • I am wondering the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Me too. I was just complaining about the very same thing…

    I have the same problem. An additional thing: the prev and next arrows are under each other (they are not in the same row). I’m just wondering, maybe something is wrong with my stylesheet?

    same here! I love the format, but the page reloading makes it unusable for my purposes. I’d love to find a fix for this. Is it simply impossible?


    Wow, this looks like a big bug! It just POs my readers no end. The smart ones know better than to try to look at my posted images.

    I guess I’m not ready to give up quite yet since these are pretty recent posts and a patch and repair may be just around the corner. If not, I guess I will sadly delete this plugin and do something more primitive.

    Seems like we’ve got quite a few people with the same issue.

    I thought I read somewhere that the new versions will be using AJAX so that might be a possible cure to this issue but I’m not sure. Maybe someone else can explain further.

    Problem still exists, is their any work around?

    yes, the only way is use ajax…i hope this function will be implement in the future version 🙂

    Same here. I am a bit tired of the lightbox and similar ways to view images. So I have implemented the ImageBrowser into a page. Looks great but the problem is the same as all the comments above, reloads the page. Is there any one who knows how to implement an ajax functionality into this. Or a question to Alex, is this something you would consider to implement into future releases.

    Great Plugin, by far the best available for wordpress…

    Same here.
    Is there anyone able to code this modification and share it?



    Well someone else took this on. If you add an anchor to the image and call it with the prev/next buttons you can avoid the reload.

    See my modifications of this solution here:



    Is this a solution that just scrols down to the image browser, or is this making the page to update without reloading the page?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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