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    I thought I would make a separate post about the image errors I have been getting in Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7. In IE 6, when one of the thumbnails is clicked once, then the image is closed, and then the same thumbnail is clicked, the images are duplicated – with one on top of the other. This only seems to happen in IE6 and only when the same image is selected twice before refreshing the page.

    In IE7, two images always show up when a thumbnail is clicked. The first image shows up fine and is centered. However, it tries to show another copy of the same image directly below the first one…with the second one being cut off. Other than that this plugin is great!

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  • The images pull up fine in Firefox, so I don’t think it is a web host problem. Could it be a template problem? I would think that if it were a template problem I would have similar problems in Firefox? Is there some snippit of code that I can add or tweak to get the NGG images to correctly display in IE 6 and 7? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I have a different kind of problem in IE 7, the images pop up below the bottom edge of the viewport of the browser using Thickbox option. Becase of that, I switched to HighSlide with some help from your references. If you like to see the problem, point your browser (IE7) to:

    and try the “clouds” tag for a gallery.

    I enjoy the functionality of the NGG very much otherwise, thank you very much.

    Nice blog. I might give Highslide a try until I hear back from someone on how to fix my problems with NGG. I will also look into trying the clouds tag. Thanks!

    Highslide works, I tried it and reverted back to Thickbox to seek solution to this problem.

    I will probably set up another page and test out Highslide. Now when you say you reverted back to Thickbox, do you mean that you went back to NGG, or is Thickbox a separate plugin?

    I am surprised I haven’t seen more people out there having the same problem that I am with NGG. IE 6 and 7 are very popular and you would think that they would test their sites with those browsers. Then again, it could be a problem on my end (template, site host, etc.). I am not ruling anything out at this point!

    I am still using NGG, I like its functionality very much. I simply reverted back to Thickbox option in NGG. I found a Highslide plugin which makes its use with NGG much simpler. I believe it is called WP-highslide. Then, I can style it further by using its many options. I may still do that when I have little extra time. Personally I like Highslide and used it elsewhere with excellent results. But NGG has a very nice content management capability. When combined, the result should be very rewarding.

    I tried the Highslide plugin, but it seemed to create more problems. Even if I just activate Highslide, but continue to use the Thickbox option with NGG, I get different problems based on the browser I’m using:
    IE 7: most images are displayed with an overlap on the bottom
    FF 3: most images are displayed with an offset overlap, with the bottom picture offset to the right. When I close the image and click on the thumbnail again the image shows up fine.
    Chrome: same as Firefox 3.

    If I activate the Highslide plugin, and select the Highslide option within NGG, my images simply open up in a separate window in all the major browsers. It’s as though there is no plugin in use at all.

    I get similar results with the other plugins such as Lightbox. Keep in mind, I don’t have the Thickbox plugin installed and when I deactivate all the other image plugins, Thickbox for NGG works fine in FF 3.0 and Chrome, but has the same issue with IE7.

    Any suggestions?

    Yes I too have exactly the same problem with standard installs.

    In IE7 the javascript slideshow is opening with its top edge on the vertical mid-point.

    I suspect this is a simple adjustment but have no idea how to change it – is the top-left corner being used as a reference point for alignment rather than the middle of the slideshow pane?

    Displays perfectly in FireFox.

    I have switched to Highslide altogether using WP-Highslide plugin. It makes the process a little easier. It embeds the necessary HS script in the header of any post as it is displayed. The alternative would be to embed that part to the header.php I think. This keeps things a little more flexible. There is a minor glitch that I have not been able to figure out when displaying Flash content in HS. You can see that, a white band around the Flash content, if you point your browser to:

    I’m working on it and have posted a message on the HS Forum. If I get it ironed out, I will write a post describing the process.

    I now have a post that explains how to integrate Highslide, Next Gen Galler, and WordPress. If you are interested, point your browsers to:

    The problem with nextgen displaying below the window in IE7 is due to an error in jquery. It doesn’t return the proper version for the browser. One fix is to change the presentation effect as some of you have done. The other is to patch the thickbox code included with nextgen. See this post for how to do that.

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