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  • Using the latest Next GEN version, 1.9.3. Trying to upload photos and in the last two new galleries, it summarily decides it will not upload several images. For each image, I get this error: ERROR HTTP error. : HTTP Error.

    I have tried disabling the flash uploader but all that happens then is I get shifted to a page that “on” my site that says “page not found”. I have tried in Safari, FireFox and Chrome. I have resaved the images (all standard jpgs, 72 dpi, no larger than 800 or so pix on the longest side) with new names and in new folders and tried again, no dice. Using Photoshop CS5 to do the saving.

    This is rather frustrating. Anyone else having a similar problem? I’ve posted about this before, to no avail, so hoping I get luckier with help this time through. Thanks in advance. (Still having the sort issue too, but at least I can manually sort. But, would at least like to get all of my designated images up first!) is the site. The two galleries with errors are not yet live. I can post them if that will help for trouble shooting.

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  • I get a similar error but only in Chrome.

    ERROR HTTP ERROR : filename.jpg : 401

    I have the same error. The strange thing is this didn’t happen a week ago. Anyone have found a way to get rid of this error? Changing the browser didn’t work for me.

    I am having the same issue. No problems with existing images/galleries but I am unable to upload any new images. I have tried on a Mac and a PC, different browsers, with/without Flash upload enabled – no luck. Very frustrating!

    It seems to be something related to the memory consumption during the resize process. In fact I’ve tried to resize the images to 1024x*** before uploading in the directory of the gallery and then to import them doing a rescan of the directory and it worked. Let me know if it is the same for you.

    My own images are already re-sized at 72 DPI and max of 800 px at the longest side so I don’t think size is an issue.

    There is another thread that talks about a chmod to the directory. Going to find that and try that next. Will report back…

    In another thread, a user called deepthy
    I had the same problem. I have solved it by change the permission of the file nextgen-gallery/admin/upload.php from 644 to 755. Now the flash uploader is working correctly for me.

    I just tried this on my own account, and no difference was made so it’s a YMMV suggestion.

    Hope a plugin update or something comes soon because this is really annoying.

    Boringly I am just adding my voice to this. No flash uploader but the other methods (zip and non-flash one by one) work fine.

    Is everyone here running WP 3.3.2? Permissions don’t directly seem to be the problem. I have had issues with Flash and HTTPS before but it matters not whether we are using HTTP or HTTPS on this issue.

    Surely with html5 and smart java stuff we get rid of Flash for this?

    Have the same problem once I upgraded to
    NextGEN gallery 1.9.3
    Wordpress 3.3.2

    able to add new galleries but CANNOT UPLOAD any images into any gallery.
    the image gets loaded “100%” but then NextGen Gallery does not recognize it’s been added to the folder/gallery and returns a “0 picture(s) successfully added”

    I can see the images in the folder on my server but not in NextGen, have tried
    -“scanning for new images” button.
    -uploading the images in a different way (ftp / zip upload etc)
    – turning off all other plugins
    – a different theme
    – changing folder permissions

    but none of these seems to work – anyone managed to solve this yet?

    My host just this morning resolved this problem for me. I did a gallery upload on a site hosted at Go Daddy with no errors, so I got in touch with host’s Tech Support (MidPhase). They had to make a change to the mod_ sec and that seems to have fixed my problem. So, since others have also had to go that route, I recommend getting in touch with your host to see if there is something they need to do on their end.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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