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    Hey everybody. I am pretty new with WordPress and NextGenGallery in general. I am making a very simple photo gallery for a client, and here is my issue. (Forgive me for not being incredible clear)

    I added over 20 photos to the only gallery I have and it created a “1,2 next” set of links which I think is called pagination? These links did not link to the next image though, it linked to what would be the main index file. I have my main page set to page, and not posts since my client didn’t need a blog.

    So in a nutshell, I want to know how to get those “next” links to go to the same template so the image shows up and so nothing looks broken.


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  • Any luck here, Kalee?? I also have the same problem, plus when images are clicked instead of showing full screen as overlays with the dimmed background they load in a blank window.

    I thought it was related to my theme and, as I wrote it from scratch and ditched all the default TwentyTen theme CSS, but I tried changing back to the default theme with no luck.

    Oh — and whether it matters or not I’m not sure.. but I have my photo gallery inserted into a page, not a post.
    (temporary link)

    Thoughts, anyone?

    OK — I got the image pop up to work by installing the “FancyBox Plugin for WordPress”

    Did I miss this somewhere, or is it just not mentioned in the documentation?


    I have still not resolved my issue, however at the same time, it’s been a day or two since I’ve gone back to the issue. So right now, I have pagination disabled. I saw like you said above, that you got your images to work fine via the FancyBox plugin. I didn’t have that issue myself, everything worked just fine for me as well and I created a custom theme as well.
    Glad you got it figured out though!

    I checked out your gallery, and it seems like your pagination is working just fine. When you click the 2nd page of the gallery it only has one photo, but it’s nothing like my issue.

    My gallery is also inside of a page, not a post since my site doesn’t require a blog or anything like that. If you got it figured out, please let me know how you got it to work properly.


    Hey Kalee,

    Yes! I did finally get it all to work! It was actually by chance, though, that the pagination started working and then I realized that whatever did actually made the pop-up images work too so I had to disable FancyBox because I was getting duplicate pop-up images (I saw several posts about that on here too.. I could now go back and help them fix that problem as well! LOL)

    My first problem was the configuration of my albums and galleries. I may have missed but I didn’t see any documentation whatsoever on the correct setup of this plugin. Through my searches I found and followed these instructions ( to the letter and it solved most of my issues — EXCEPT for the pagination!

    Pagination, for me, started working when I was playing around with some of the Options settings. Under “Options” > “Effects” I’ve found that if I change the effect to any other setting in the drop-down besides “Shutter” the pagination does NOT work. When set to “shutter” it works great.

    This plugin is really useful — even more so after the guide at the link above!! Hope this helps, Kalee!

    Wow — OK — back again — so I got the pagination in the galleries to work but it is still broken in the “Album Pagination”.. I’m using the custom field “ngg_paged_Galleries” in my WP Page template for my photos with value of the number of galleries per page to add pagination to my album page.

    Let me know how you do with your problem, kalee and maybe something you figure out can help me..


    I just got everything to work properly on my end! I got into the Options > General options and selected the Activate Permalinks checkbox, and that seemed to fix the issue entirely! Yay! I had a hunch this might work because I always change my permalink structure to %postname%.

    I’m not sure if this will help your situation or not with the broken Album Pagination. I currently only have one album set up, and it’s working like a charm now, I just need to style the next buttons. I hope you’re able to get the Album Pagination working right!

    woo hoo!! Kalee! I love you!! You just fixed everything! I’ve been pouring through code and code and more code — rewriting JS, CSS, PHP, and all it was was a checkbox!!

    I too always change my permalinks to %postname%.. great find.. I am forever in your debt!!

    Another mystery solved by the forum and the kindness of strangers! Cheers! — should definitely mark this one “RESOLVED!”

    Oh very awesome!!! Victory! I am so happy I was able to help you out! This is actually the very first time I’ve utilized the forums here, and I am very happy I did! Definitely going to be coming here more often for WordPress issues instead of defaulting to googling something haha.

    Glad both our issues are resolved now!

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