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  • Isn’t it possible? If so, please tell. It is urgent.

    Looking for a similar solution…am trying to combine the NextGen Gallery with a Smoothscroll jquery that allows the user to scroll the main content window left and right but nextgen finds the first absolute value width and wraps the images around to another line.

    Basically I want the images to continue in one infinite row ignoring all width. I’ve changed every width to auto or 100%.

    Any ideas?

    I’ve never tried it but I think you need to used jQuery to determine and set a width to the elemnet that contains the images.

    Have a look at the jQuery gallery plugin that Alex wrote. It seems like the thing you guys are looking for.

    Thnks for the response Joseph but for me at least that’s not quite right. Basically I want the gallery to act just as it does normally but instead of wrapping the thumbnails they just keep going on and on without a limit to the width (which is what forces them to wrap) I’ve been playing with creating template files and have even written a javascript that “estimates” the width as the graphics load but they still wrap…a most puzzling challenge.

    Sounds like a problem with your CSS. Just tried it on my test blog by setting a large width to the element containing the thmumbnails, which are floated left, and I get a single row.

    yeah obviously that works but the quantity of pictures will change often and I won’t be doing the changing so going in and adjusting the CSS every time you add or remove pictures is unrealistic. The div needs to have no width or a width:auto so it adjusts to the number of pictures in the gallery row…I’ll figure it out I’m sure… 🙂

    That’s why I mentioned javascript…

    So you can set a width according to the number of thumbnails inside the container.

    You can even do it in php. Just count the $images array, calculate the total width and set an inline style.

    When a block element, div in this case, has no width or is set to auto, it’ll just inherit the width of it’s parent element.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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