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  • Try:

    [nggallery id=1 template=caption]

    ooh, that was close, but is there a way to only have the title and not the description. Is there a short code for that? Thanks again for your help!

    Is there a listing for short codes somewhere that may be able to help?


    I too would like to know how to display only the Title underneath thumbnails?

    Also, can you have the title show if you add just one image? Also, is there a way to have the slide show widget randomize the images? Thanks!



    Seeing as you are giving my page as an example I thought I should tell you what I did.

    Edit the page where you want the photos with captions and put this in the part where you would type regualr text.
    [nggallery id=3 template=caption]

    The id=3 refers to the gallery number, so for me, my Botswana photos are in my gallery number 3.

    The “caption” part is whatever you enter in the top title part for each photo, not the larger field where you would type in a longer description.

    Hope that helps.

    I’m running 3.0 and ngg 1.5.5 and that is only partially working.

    The thumbnails are being floated left, so the descriptions are beside the image, and throwing off the spacing of the other thumbnails.

    And the title is not showing (even using template=caption) but only the description.

    I could use some help to. Thanks!

    Any luck akanowicz?

    Seems like it should be fairly routine… captions.

    Hi, I’m having a problem with the shortcode
    [nggallery id=x template=caption] as well. Instead of getting just the alt tag (which is what I think Liz5264 was referring to)I get the alt tag and the full title/description.

    Liz do you actually have anything in the description field for your images? If so, then you don’t appear be displaying it anywhere?

    Also my gallery works differently.
    You go then clicking an image takes you straight to the JPG page.

    I go then selecting the first thumbnail takes me to (which I need as I want to show the full image description) then clicking the image takes me to the JPG page.

    Regards, Mike.

    Hi again,
    I’ve just looked at and do note that they refer to the captions as Descriptions so it seems the shortcode is working to spec.

    Hi once again,
    I updated my nextgen plugin file gallery-caption.php replacing the line
    <span><?php echo $image->caption ?></span>
    <div style="height: 100px; width: 200px; text-align:left;"><?php echo $image->alttext ?></div>

    Just replacing ‘caption’ with ‘alttext’ does the job. Everything else is my attempt at trying to get it to look nice. If someone knows how to stop the text overflowing the border, or format it better it would be nice to know.

    I also set the Number of columns to 0 in the gallery settings to let the plugin workout how many columns to fit on the page.

    See for how the above example looks.


    The caption info was helpful. I visited your site and really like the set-up for clicking on a thumbnail & going to the image with text, then clicking takes you to the jpg. I’d like some help on how to do this, and I suppose the editing takes place in a php page? I’m interested in having the image smaller with a paragraph or 2 of text with it.
    Thanx, Joe

    Hi Joe,
    I’m not very familiar with NextGEN but hopefully this will help.

    (1) Smaller Images. I bulk converted my images with Irfanview setting the output size to 50% then zipped them (one gallery per zip file) and uploaded them. NextGEN can resize images Gallery–>Options–>Images. I’ve never used it so can’t comment on how well it works.

    (2)To add or edit the image text/description I used Kompozer wysiwyg editor to set up my description and copy/pasted the html source over to NextGEN (Gallery–>Manage Gallery then select a gallery).

    (3) “clicking on a thumbnail & going to the image with text, then clicking takes you to the jpg.” I’m not sure how I did this – eek! Maybe it’s the default? I do note however, that after looking at 2 or 3 other NextGEN users galleries only mine worked this way. On their galleries clicking on a thumbnail takes you straight to the jpg. I guess this is controlled in the gallery options – I can make screen shots of my settings if you need them.

    (4) You mentioned editing taking place in a php page. I wasn’t sure if you meant the descriptions which is covered in point 2 above or editing the gallery-caption.php file. For the later I just went to Plugins–>Editor selected the NextGEN Gallery plugin then selected nextgen-gallery/view/gallery-caption.php and edited it there after copying/pasting the existing fle into notepad as a backup first.


    Hello Mike,
    With your 3rd point, seems as though you have a jeanie in a bottle? I’m guessing the screen shots you mention will be from your work in editing the gallery-caption.php file that you describe in pt. 4, and sure I’d like a look?
    Thanx, Joe

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