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  • I think the title is self explanatory..

    How do i align the albums horizontally instead of vertically??

    Please check out my pictures page link HERE

    Now for the love of god if anyone is going to help me with this one please do not just throw a code at me and then walk off thinking about how fantastic you are..

    I’m not a code head ok? If you want to write a code then please tell me what .php to go in, where to put it, what to delete, etc..

    Thanks guys!!!!

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  • Hey Tommy,

    I just clicked over to your site and noticed that you got the albums to align horizontally. How did you do it? I’m having the same problem and have had no luck finding an answer on the forum. Thanks.

    I’d LOVE to know too.

    It’s based off your CSS and that is different with differnt themes.

    Post a link and I can take a look if you want.


    Paul, I’d prefer to send you my site off WP if that’s ok. You can email me at



    Here’s a link to the particular page that I’m trying to get the albums to align horizontally.




    Wow you have a lot of nested divs with that site. 🙂

    It doesn’t appear that you need to add seperate album shortcodes to your page so I would just make another album that includes all of your galleries and then call that album on the page.

    If you do that than call the album with the compact template the thumbnails will arrange themselves horizontally.

    If you ever run across the situation were you want to place another album inside the ones you already have set up than see my next post as that explains what was happening with Jen2swt site.


    Just wanted to post what happened with Jen2swt’s site so that others may benefit.

    What was happening was that the site had albums nested inside of albums and since the plugin can’t handle too many nested albums then there was a need to make seperate calls to different albums. When you do that on a page or in your template it will arrange your thumbs vertically.

    The fix was to open up the nextgen css file, in this case nggallery.css and comment out the attribute clear: both; under .ngg-albumoverview and farther down comment out the entire entry for .ngg-clear .

    This fix worked in this case but you will need to test to make sure it works in yours.

    Hope that helps someone.


    I still can’t figure out where to remove the
    ‘s from…I’ve searched every file and nada…..don’t know where they are coming from…

    err that was < br > ‘s

    I thought you did that for spacing as it’s only on a couple of them.

    Were did you enter in the [album id=X] shortcode?

    Make sure you are looking at the HTML tab and not Visaul tab.


    Thanks Paul…worked like a charm in my case. I appreciate the help.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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