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  • I’m having trouble displaying album thumbnails. I have 8 albums and each album has one gallery with the same name. I use the following code and everything works fine. I see 8 albums.

    [album id=all template=compact]

    Now I add another album and this time I put 4 galleries on it. Now I see the 4 galleries when the code above is used on a page. It now appears that instead of seeing the albums, I have been seeing the galleries all along.

    Anyone know how can I just display the albums and not the galleries?

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  • I am looking for the same information. Any luck?

    HI fedude, I found the answer on another post:

    It’s not the most intuitive way to accomplish it, but you can create a master album and put your other albums in it. Then, I created another template to differentiate my album list from my galleries list.

    Should albums contain galleries or do galleries contain albums?

    I put my images into galleries and then create an album and include a gallery in it to display the images

    Thus I want to display album thumbnails.

    So what is the proper hierarchy?

    The hierarchy is Album > Sub-albums (optional) > Galleries > Images. An album can contain sub-albums and galleries but only galleries contain images.

    You can set thumbnails for albums through the edit button in the album panel. Note that only the thumbnails that you have manually set for galleries as preview images are avaible for albums.

    So I’m correct in my thinking. So how in the world do you display albums???

    You would think this would show thumbnails for all albums, but you’d be wrong:

    [album id=all template=compact]

    Instead this shows all the galleries. What is the album display code?

    That is the album display code, [album id=x]. I’ve never used the id=all but I think it’s bugged if it’s displaying galleries instead of albums.

    I think he easiest solution is what greenThumbs suggested above, create a master album, put the albums in that and use the album shortcode with the master album ID.

    [album id=all template=compact]
    will show ALL the Galleries. It means to show all albums, which means all galleries that might belong to ANY and ALL albums will be displayed. That shortcode is doing what it is supposed to.
    If you only want certain galleries to display, then make sure only those galleries are in that album and set “id=albumyouwant”
    You do not “See Albums” you see the contents of the Album which is essentially galleries. Albums can’t he their own image as images are only in galleries.

    Thanks you for the information webjunk. I never would have deduced that from looking at the shortcode.

    Is there any code which will display a page that has a single thumbnail for every album?

    Like I said, you need to create a master album, place all your albums in it as sub-albums and use the [album id=(master album ID)] shortcode. It will only list the sub-albums and not the galleries contained within them unless the galleries are placed directly inside the master album.

    I don’t think there is any other way to do this unless you write your own function/template.

    i made a wp page (maybe article is working as well) with a html in it.

    <a class="shutterset_" href="/yourpath//?page_id=xyz"><img src="path to your thumb...jpg" alt=" " clas="ngg-singelpic ngg-left"></td>
    <a href="/yourpath//?page_id=xyz"><h2>your text</h2></a>

    There i have in a row one cell with the thumb with picture free of choose (with reference link to the page I have the album in) and in the next row a cell with the Title and the reference link to the same page.

    I have no really understanding of html and php or css but this works for me and if you put more rows or cells in the table you can make an array of links with thumbs as a forecast picture. behind this you have to create for each album a page where the[album id=xx"]is located.
    It must not be a solution for you, maybe other can make better solutions with a php to reference the path dynamic but for me (using as cms and static) it works.

    Fedude, I had the same problem, as I said. I wanted to display all my album thumbnails and link to my albums. I thought the same as you: just use the compact template and it should work.

    The ONLY way to do it that I have found (and I do write my own templates), is to create a master album and place all the albums for which you want to display thumbnail images inside it.

    When you place the master album on the page it will display all the thumbnails for the albums inside it. This is what I was trying to explain in my prior post, but I guess I wasn’t very clear.

    It’s a remarkably simple solution once you figure it out, but it is totally unintuitive.

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