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    I believe I have all of my settings correct, and the pictures are still not showing. My website is

    My settings are as follows:
    Geocoding Provider: disabled
    Zoom level: 10
    Map Height: 400px
    Map Width: 400px
    Aerial Style
    Birds eye: disabled
    Route: disabled
    Detailed EXIF: disabled
    Simple Thumbnails
    Automatic include
    World map: disabled

    Please let me know if you can help me out!

    Thank you.

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    Can you see a map just without images? A link to a post with map would help me.
    Does the example map work?

    I can’t see anything on the example map. There should be a photo post up there now. I can’t see any thing at all on the page.

    Plugin Author


    Are you using Nextgen-Gallery? I can’t find it in the sourcecode. My plugin is designed to work with the Nextgen-Gallery plugin, other galleries don’t work (untill now).

    Hey this is not working for me I don’t know why.

    I downloaded NEXTGEN Gallery and created a gallery with the ID 1.

    Ive tried:

    [nggg id=1]

    Nothing is working.. can you take a look? I’m trying on this post

    Plugin Author


    please try the newest trunk (development) version:

    This should work. I’m working on a new version with lots of new features, but this will take some time.

    If this version does not work, please mail me some example photos, so I can check them on my blog.

    Bis dann,

    I’ll try it right away. Thank you for the quick answer.

    Hey.. unfortuntlly is not qorking still.. what snipet should I use?
    I’ve tried this on a post:
    [nggg worldmap]
    [nggg id=1]

    I don’t have the EXIF information – but in your example it says it marks somewhere.. I just wanna try it and if case it works I’ll introduce the coordinates on a software

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    If you don’t have any gps data saved in your files, you can use tools like GeoSetter to create the EXIF Data. If there is no data, the plugin will try to geocode the Gallery Name. If the Gallery-Name contains for example a town, the plugin will use these coordinates to create a map.

    Hey there,

    I know.. I can set the EXIF data later.. I was hoping the plugin would try to find a place to create the map in order to test it.

    I just wold like to know how do I place a map, let say on a POST and lets say on an custom HTML widjet.

    Also, how can I post the worldmap with all the pictures from one gallery, or how can I post the map with just one picture?

    I’m not being able to see any map at all so I will try to place some EXIF data in some of the pictures to give it a try

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    does the example map work?

    post: [nggg id=1]
    html: add map via php function ng_gallery_geo_show($options);
    $options is an array, contains options like id or pid

    The worldmap only shows previewpics, one of each gallery. The other pictures of the gallery are linked in the infoboxes (loading using AJAX).

    one picture: [nggg pid=1]

    good luck. 😉

    Bis dann,


    I’m back on giving this plugin another try because I can’t find similar. I’ve updated to the latest version.

    It’s still not showing.
    – I’ve created a gallery with the name “Portugal” with Id 1
    – Inside this image theres only one pictured Id 129
    – The code on the post:
    Map of nextgen geo:
    [nggg worldmap]
    Map of nextgen gallery Id 1
    [nggg id=1]
    Maf of nextgen pictures Id 1:
    [nggg pid=129]
    – What’s really being shown:

    (blank space)

    Also have tried on the menu a costum HTML with:
    <?php ng_gallery_geo_show($options); ?>

    can you please help with this?

    Need to have it operational. Thank you very much

    Plugin Author


    You have to declare $options first (array). please look in the sourcecode for an example.

    Bis dann,



    I should be a really bad coder because I’m finding quite hard to make this work. Can you please post a simple example with a mini tutorial on how I can do that? And which files should I be changing.

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