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  • I have updated the gallery, with the automatic update this morning, and gone to look at my blog, to find the slideshows are not loading, the white circle in the middle is showing its trying to upload but nothing is happening. I have tried looking around, but cant find anything similar to what I am experiencing, come somebody help please?


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  • Hi, can somebody help with this please, as I still cant get the galleries or albums to show up, it still says

    The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..

    I have done everything I have been able to find, but still nothing is happening, and its getting really frustrating now.

    I find it incredibly frustrating that nothing is coming forward with help for this problem that many people are getting. I discovered today, that nextgen also causes a conflict with wordtube, giving the error #2032,

    wordtube error #2032, my thread

    so if anybody has a problem with their word tube as well, if they have nextgen installed, that might be a reason.

    I would like to be able to get nextgen running, but until something is done about it, I will have to find something else. Which I find really sad.

    Can somebody help me with this please? I just cant use the gallery anymore, I really need some help.

    Please post a link to your page

    The problem is in the admin section, I have had to deactivate nextgen because of the problem.

    The url to my site is If you look in this , threadit shows a conflict with wordpress, which sort of was fixed, for a short while, but the wordpress problem is back again, and I’ve done nothing to change what was sort of fixed.

    I run a couple of blog with NextGEN & wordtube, there is for me no problem with you use the lastes version. Try to setup a testblog and acvivate NextGEn again, if it#s not possible on your live blog. Please post a link again, if you have there still the problem…

    I had Thomas Stachl look at it, and that’s what came out, plus since the upgrade to 1.0.2, it stopped working. Its showing that error on that thread, same with wordpress. Its all linked. I know its not something that’s just happening on my site, I’ve seen problems on here the same happening on quite a few sites.

    Its all related to this problem found on this thread. I have asked on that thread about it.

    Um, I dont have the facilities to make a testblog, I just dont have enough space. I just dont know what else to do.

    Publish a slideshow on a testpage, so it affected not the whole blog and post a link to this page. Then I will have a look for why you see the message instead the slideshow…

    Here is a test post for a gallery I just made up, as you can see the gallery isnt there.

    test post.

    As you can see now, since I activated the nextgen gallery, the wordtube slideshows and vids are no long there, I get the error for both the next gen gallery and wordtube showing up. So there is for some reason a conflict between the two.Please can you help, I’m now missing media from my site. The missing media underneath the test post, is wordtube.

    Hope that helps.

    Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, had to go out.

    Deactivate the plugin wp-cumulus, now clear all browser cache….

    hi, thank you for your message. I just did that, and its made no difference. The media still isnt showing for both nextgen or wordtube..

    Ahhh, now I see swfobject.js in the folder wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/admin/js/swfobject.js is not up to date. On what ever reason it’s still the old V1.5. Please upload all files of nextgen-gallery again.

    Ah, that got the wordtube media back, but the nextgen gallery has a black box, but the circle is just going round and round,and its not showing the gallery. Is there still something missing?

    Thank you so much for getting me this far. Its been really frustrating.

    There are still some db failures or other problems :

    It return a empty output, this is normally not possible. It return a empty XML file or a failure but not a complete empty file…

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