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  • I’m using NextGEN gallery on my site and love everything about it, EXCEPT:
    I’m currently using the thickbox style, but it’s ridiculous to have to hunt for the little forward/reverse arrows, because their location changes with each picture (if there’s two lines of description, for example, or a slightly different sized/cropped image).

    I realize it would be ideal to have all my images exactly the same size, but I don’t.

    Doesn’t NextGEN have some nice way of browsing through a gallery (with the image enlarged) and having the forward/back independent of the photo in a fixed location?

    I’ve seen some sites where you can click anywhere on the page (NY times) to advance to the next shot.

    What gives? This is a huge strike against this plugin, in my opinion.


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  • This is not a NextGEN issue at all. It is an issue with your separate Thickbox plugin. NextGEN only comes with Shutter. It does not have any Thickbox or Lightbox plugins included.

    If you use a different modal/lightbox/thickbox window, then you either need to complain to that developer or switch and use a different one with NextGEN.
    PrettyPhoto does what you describe, but must be integrated with NextGEN in a very specific way. A lot of colorbox and lightbox plugins also do as you describe.
    Two nice lightbox plugins are: Simple Lightbox and Lightbox Plus.

    In any case, do not blame NextGEN for the failing of a different plugin. 😉

    the thickbox is an effect within nextgen, selected under the nextgen gallery options.
    no matter which effect i use with nextgen, it is still an issue with the forward/reverse being dependent of the photo, which i find very annoying.
    unless i’m still doing something wrong or not understanding it.


    (the lightbox plugins – would that mean i have to get rid of nextgen, or can the lightbox plugin be added to nextgen?)

    The way I have solved it is in the shutter/shutter-reloaded.css and shutter/shutter-reloaded.js

    in the CSS I have changed the attributes of “#shDisplay div#shPrev” and “#shDisplay div#shNext” (line 28+) to:

    #shDisplay div#shNext{
    	position: absolute;
    	top: 50%;
    #shDisplay div#shPrev {
    	position: absolute;
    	top: 50%;

    In the JS I have changed lines 110 and 119 to

    prevlink = '<a href="#"><img src="wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/shutter/button_left.png"></a>'+dv;


    nextlink = '<a href="#"><img src="wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/shutter/button_right.png"></a>'+dv;

    and uploaded 2 nice arrows into plugins/nextgen-gallery/shutter/

    Cool, ZeroKewl ! You helped me change my code for the better.

    But the code has changed already in the JS as at today’s Nextgen version (Jan 4, 2012), so I did this for prevlink and nextlink, where img src points to my arrows:

    prevlink = ‘<img src=””>‘+dv;

    nextlink = ‘<img src=””>‘+dv;

    Sample gallery below, with “x” to close image as well:


    For the position lines in the css file, mine is :

    position: fixed;

    rather than

    position: absolute;

    This is because my images can be different sizes, and I don’t want the arrows to move with the image …

    Since Shutter Reloaded didn’t work too well on the iPad, I switched to the plugin WP-Slimbox 2, a version of the popular Lightbox, very lightweight.
    So my comments above are now obsolete 🙂

    Love it, one can click anywhere on right or left side of a picture. Works well with either Nextgen (choose Lightbox instead of Shutter in its options) or standalone pictures in a post/page that have links to bigger sizes.

    Only thing I miss is the resizing in Shutter. There are other versions with resize, but no option to see full size. So mine is always full size. Anyway, still fine, works on Ipad too …

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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