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  • I have the same problem on

    Tested on multiple machines. Anyone else want to confirm this bug?

    I confirmed this buy with numerous friends, anyone know a workaround?

    Don’t use Firefox 3.6 ?

    I have confirmed site acts properly under Chrome, Safari and even Internet Explorer…

    I have submitted a bug to Firefox

    using “Report Broken Web Site” stating browser doesn’t function as expected.

    I don’t use Firefox 3.6, but Lots of people do, as it’s the newest version of Firefox. All webmasters that use Nextgen gallery are being adversely affected by this bug.

    Yeah, I use it alot in my site development because of the right developer tools available although I find myself using the Chrome Beta more and more as it has fantastic dev tools.

    I don’t think it is fair to make a blanket statement like “All webmasters that use Nextgen gallery are being adversely affected by this bug.” though, maybe preface it with anybody using shutter.

    If it bugs the web developers enough they should submit bug reports, if Firefox doesn’t know about the problem they can’t fix it. It renders properly in the other browsers so there must be something in the FF code base to affect this behaviour. I have never submitted anything to them before so I don’t know the whole process, I just searched for reporting bugs and took the liberty of submitting it for you.

    It isn’t a problem on my site as I don’t use shutter.


    1) I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about Javascript. I literally just played around, changed variables, deleted lines to see what happened.

    I have NO Idea whether my fix has any other adverse effects or not, so maybe someone can comment?

    To fix the problem, remove = ”;

    that entire line. Delete that bit, save, and upload and problem fixed! Anyone want to tell me what that line does? And will removing it break anything else? So far everything looks peachy on my end.

    Yes, I’m excited. I fixed something when I had no idea what I was doing :). Took hours of screwing around!

    great, it works
    there is a link to edited shutter-reloaded.js

    You are amazing! Worked for me as well, a real life saver 🙂 Thank you! I will link to this thread in the one I commented on earlier today.

    Thanks for figuring this out! I’ve noticed that the page still scrolls to the top, but then scrolls back down. If you also take out the line:


    It will no longer do this, and will simply stay in one place. Thank you SO MUCH for figuring this out!

    Not resolved. This workaround don’t works for me (WP 3.0.1_FR, FF 3.6.8).


    I’m using the latest version of wordpress on another one of my sites, and my work-around works perfectly fine.

    You must use shutter reloaded and remove = ”;

    make sure to save and re-upload, because it does fix the problem on the latest WP version.

    Mine just goes up then back down on the first image, After that, new clicks on the same page don’t go up then back down. Removing window.scrollTo(0,t.Top); did not fix it for me, but it’s not a big issue anyway. I’ll mess with it more later. Which line did you remove window.scrollTo(0,t.Top); from? it’s on multiple lines.

    Just did the NextGen upgrade & the glitch came back. I had to go into the shutter-reloaded.js file and once again remove that line. Works perfectly now though.

    For quick reference, that file is in wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/shutter/

    Where do I find this code? I did try clicking on plugins/edit in the admin panel of my WordPress website, but could not find any line that says: = ”;(Please note, I do not know html.)
    I did find some references to “shutter-reloaded,” e.g.
    // activate modified Shutter reloaded if not use the Shutter plugin
    if ( ($this->options[‘thumbEffect’] == “shutter”) && !function_exists(‘srel_makeshutter’) ) {
    wp_register_script(‘shutter’, NGGALLERY_URLPATH .’shutter/shutter-reloaded.js’.

    Sorry, it works fine now after an upgrade of NG. Do you think there is somme collateral damage to remove this line ?


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