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  • Hello! Great plugin, huh everyone?

    Anyway, I’ve been looking into extending this so that the resizing function leaves the originals around.

    I was thinking of adding another option in the admin panel “Images” tab under “Image Settings” called “Keep Orginals” or something.
    Now, for me the best thing to do would be to populate the title text/description field with a link to the full image. So I don’t have to fill these out by hand.

    So, the only difference would be that resizing would create another directory called “originals” if there wasn’t already one, and would populate that field with a link to them.

    Anyone have ideas on this, or perhaps already done something similar?
    I’ll be sure to make a patched version available ASAP so y’all can get a better idea of what I’m getting at.

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  • Well, this didn’t turn out to be too hard. Anyone interested in getting the code let me know by posting here.

    I came to this forum just to find an solution to that problem. I’d be interested in seeing that code. Do you have an example of this in action?

    I think another nice addition would be in the Post interface, where you insert images from a gallery you’ve selected, to be able to see a preview of the image instead of just a filename. While I can navigate filenames fine, a lot of users struggle with it, and being able to visually choose the image you want to insert into your post would be a much improved solution.




    i wrote a couple quick notes and posted the code here. i’m not sure how to demo this since i can’t give you admin access to my site.

    if you’ve got a development instance up, just unzip my code over the original. you will want to disable and re-enable the plugin as well, just to make sure the extra database columns get added. Also, I only tested using GD as the backend, not ImageMagick.

    @jasongw: weird… if i understand you correctly, i AM seeing thumbnails next to the filenames in that list.

    really? I am talking about the interface in the POST editor. I click on the “Insert NextGen Gallery” button, click the tab for Single Picture, and what I have is a drop down list with file names but I do not see a thumbnail or preview for any of them. I have this installed on 4 different websites and they all behave in the exact same way. It was the same with the previous version on 2.6.2-5 as well.

    It can’t possibly be that ALL my wordpress sites have the same problem, can it?

    oh, i was confused – i thought you meant the NextGen tab available underneath the standard “Add Image” button (which, i just figured out, you can’t use since it will escape any HTML that might be present in the title string).

    Of course, the functionality of the two interfaces is almost the same except for the actual text inserted into the post, where the NextGen version inserts the custom [singlepic] tag instead.

    I’m betting it would be easier to make the ‘Add Image’ button insert the [singlepic] tag instead of adding images to that ‘Insert Gallery’ list… just a hunch though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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