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  • Hi,

    I am using the Gallery page with the lightbox effect. When I click on the thumbnail, it shows the picture in original size with the lightbox effect. There is a description under the picture, and I would like to put EXIF data (like aperture, shutter speed etc.) into it.

    Do someone know how can I do that?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Any idea? 🙁

    You can only do this for the imagebrowser, I didn’t parse the whole gallery thumbnails for EXIF data, it could cause the high CPU load

    The meta is there for when you click the link in the manage images section of the admin area.

    Is it not possible to have an option that would take some of the exif data and put it as the image description. The description gets shown anyway for gallery views when using lightbox etc. So surely having the exif in the description box shouldn’t cause a high cpu load over what is happening now?

    Obviously I can just type the exif in at the moment though that could get time consuming.

    Setting up something in the admin area to allow users to customise what is displayed could also be handy and a lot more flexible.

    For example I have seen other sites apply this. Not sure he uses the ngg but it shows what I mean I tried implementing what was put in this thread, though given the date of when it was done, I couldn’t get it working and it might be cause of the newer versions?

    $exifdata[camera] .' @ '. $exifdata[focal_length]. ' - '.$exifdata[shutter_speed].', ' . $exifdata[aperture]
     .', ISO  '.$exifdata[iso];

    Having something along those lines as a customisable option in the admin area would be spot on. Would allow users to pick and choose what they wanted to display.

    I hope you can implement this as I appeared to be too thick to do so at this time. Wasted hours yesterday trying to do so ;]

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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