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  • Have you contacted the Plugin author? They can best help you with this issue.

    Also make sure that you haven’t uploaded multiple images into the gallery.

    I’m also having this same issue on multiple websites. I tried to go in and see if there are any loops that are doing this, plus there are no multiple images uploaded to my gallery folder in the wp-content folder. It’s very frustrating for everyone. I’ve disabled a lot of other plugins to see if it made a difference and no luck, definitely a bug happening here, would like to know the fix for this.

    I just fiddled with some of the settings and in IE the gallery is fine, but Firefox displays the 2 extra images. I have 60 photos in the gallery. When I load it with Firefox the first page shows 20 images to click through in the lightbox, but repeats each image 3 times, so when you click the next arrow, instead of the next image showing, the same image gets loaded 2 more times, then the new image and the process repeats itself. Safari is also creating the same issues as Firefox…there’s always something to slow us website developers down, we spend more time of fiddly issues like this and can’t bill the client.. IS there an alternative to NextGen that actually works without issue?

    Also having this issue – it started after I upgraded plugin & migrated WP site onto different server.

    All images are duplicating at least once, usually three times – I have uninstalled/re-installed plugin, cleaned cache, re-uploaded via FTP – to no change.

    Please assist, love this plugin but this is a big issue at the moment!

    I am having the same issue even with lightbox plus. I am beginning to think this is a WordPress problem since you guys mentined the problem with nexgen.

    As much as this is going to kill me, I am going to try to hard code the lightbox plugin as if I wasn’t using WordPress and see what happens. Maybe I will get lucky if I point the js and css files in a different path?

    Hey Gabriel, if you get anywhere with your hand crafted version, let us know, so we can also try out your solution. I can’t believe there are not more of us having the same issues.

    How come no one from NGG is responding with a solution to this annoying issue? In my site also every image is getting duplicated 3 times in Fanxybox plugin!

    just out of curiosity, does this error persist after deactivating all plugins except nextgen? i know from my own experience, sometimes other plugins can cause features of another plugin to not work as well. this is the first thing i do when troubleshooting an error. also, are you up to date on wordpress?

    @jonm173 – i can see the duplication on your site. @fightin498a, i’m not seeing the duplication on yours. did you find a solution?

    i’ve heard that the plugin authors are introducing some pretty dramatic improvements to the code in v2.0, i bet that will help solve a lot of issues like this. as a temp. solution if you aren’t able to find a fix to this (i haven’t experienced this bug, so i don’t know if i am being of much help), you could try using the plugin ‘lightbox plus’. i love that plugin for lightbox effects.

    Yes Natalie,
    I figured it out finally… In my case it was the plugin NGG Voting.
    In their FAQ, they’ve mentioned to include their code <?php echo nggv_imageVoteForm($image->pid); ?> after the closing of <a> tag, but I included the line before the closing </a> tag, by mistake.
    Once I moved the code after the </a> tag, the issue got resolved. 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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