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  • Hi, I can’t drag and drop a gallery to an album, and because of that when I write [album=1, extend] in a page, it does not display the album.
    Anybody knows how to do it?

    Thanks for your help


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  • Sergi, If you have already created the album by using the “album” tab in the gallery dashboard, then you should be able to select it using the drop-down menu in that same tab. The galleries that have not been allocated to albums will appear in the pane on the right. You should be able to drag them from there and drop them in the album pane, on the left. Make sure that you click the “update” button at the top, after you have dragged the gallery over, or it will not save. –Jake

    Hi Jake
    I am sorry, but I can’t. I just can create the Album but then I can’t move galleries into it and either press “show all”, “maximze” or “minimize”
    Any idea?


    Have you tried with another browser? In any case it should be [album=1,extend] without any space after the comma.

    I’ve tried with Safari, Firefox and Explorer7 and I couldn’t do it. When I try to drag gallery box appears a hand or a cross (depending of the browser) but it’s like when you select text without moving a thing.Is there another way of putting a gallery into a album?
    I’d like to show thumbs in a page…

    thanks for your help!

    Hmmm, that does sound annoying. I don’t know of another way to allocate a gallery to an album. But, if all you are trying to do is display the thumbs on a page, you don’t need to put the gallery in an album. You can just use [gallery=id] instead of [album=id,extend].

    Very annoying.
    I tried just with IE7 and FF and I’ve experienced the same problem.
    I do need albums, but there is no way to have them working. 🙁

    Finally I put galleries instead of albums, but I’ll keep trying to use albums, if I find out how I’ll tell you…

    Good luck!

    Do you get any JS error when you try to drag & drop the galleries ?

    Hi, Guys…

    I’ve got the same problem. No JS-errors. All other management things doin’ OK – even widgets which I think running similar way.
    Instead of drag&drop cursor is highlighting the text. [Maximize], [Minimize], [Show all] and [-] buttons don’t work either.
    Browser: FireFox 3.0, Latest Java installed.

    Are you sure that javascript is activated ? (look in your FF3 settings)

    Yeah… I’ve checked it: Java is enabled and JS is allowed. I’ve also checked my anti-spyware and firewall programs and everything seems to be fine. Besides some webpages which I’m sure that they use JS working properly.

    Maybe this is any ajax incompability? I once tried a sociable plugin (don’t remember which one it was) where you could drag and drop the social bookmarks you want to use and activate. There I had the same problem that I couldn’t drag and drop anything. Never experienced this problem with nextgen gallery albums though but I know what you are talking of … I know it can happen.

    You’re right!! It’s the plugin!! I turned off plugins one by one and it looks like “Position Yourself” was guilty.
    Thanks a lot!!
    Have a nice day/night (you pick).. 🙂

    PS It’s also known as “Google Positioner”.

    Added another plugin that makes gallery sticky = FeedWordPress.
    Disable it and drag-and-drop will be functioning.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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