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  • first off, this is a really well coded and well thought out plugin

    i just have 1 question, say i have a gallery with 10 photos, is there a way to use 1 of those photos (or even the first) as the preview in the index or main blog page (index.php)… i think what i may be asking for is a dynamic way of displaying a single photo as the preview of the gallery in the index

    i hope my post is of ample coherency… i would be happy to further clarify

    thank you for the help

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  • bump

    mhhh… sorry, but why would you need to call ANY single pic, when you can add it to your code so easily or include it in the design?, even you can use the image uploader and upload the image again… then again any album has it’s own preview thumbnail image which tag. I really don’t get a point on this… I guess I need the clarify…

    ok, maybe a more general question: is there a code to automatically add every gallery that is published onto a page?

    for example: [gallery=all] or something like that

    It’s a good point, I will add this to the next major release

    thanks alex, lookin forward to it

    also, a little quirk i have is that everytime i create a gallery, i would have to manually select the option to make a new page for the gallery and also manually go and make an image the preview image

    is there a way to 1) automatically create a new page for a gallery once i add it, and 2) automatically make the first image i upload into the gallery the preview image (doesnt have to be the first, can be random)

    thanks again

    You could use a custom field on the post/ page with the gallery.

    Select the image you want and paste the URL into the field you added and call it in the theme as part of your layout.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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