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  • oh, exactly this how to “… get the description of a picture … under the Nextgen Gallery Slideshow” i really would know too …
    Cheers 🙂

    ha, and some else:

      how to center the slideshow-images horizontally and
      how be able to prevent images get distorted

    thanks a lot!

    I think you just cannot do this wit [slideshow] so i chose [imagebrowser] instead, it has navigation and caption!

    good idea also, thanks.

    but i really like to have a elegant & pretty slideshow at last,
    so i think to have a wide look around to change to a better plugin.
    the nextgen problem with the missing description in slideshows seems to be a years-old-one, i found out … hmm.

    ps – belonging to my second queston above:
    first i tried the slideshow without the JW-Image-Rotator, now with the use of that the distortion is gone, ok.

    Ok, ja, I keep on looking too. It is nice when the pictures move automatically further with fade in fade out AND have descriptions and the navigation possibility (and then not INSIDE the picture). Couldn’t find one solution under the slideshows with customize options. I let you know when I find something useful, let me know too. 🙂



    I had the same “description”-problem, but I discovered a (quick n dirty) way to solve this (maybe it is helpful for you)

    1. Backup your files first! 🙂
    2. Replace plugins/nextgen-gallery/js/ngg.slideshow.min.js
    with this one -i know it’s not minified, but its better for editing
    3. Replace plugins/nextgen-gallery/nggfunctions.php
    with this one

    You can find all modifications with a short description by searching “//MOD” with every text editor.

    thank you for this pretty support.

    i replaced the two files.
    and i think i understand that the mod does append the img-alt tag to the picts in the slideshow – good, i did gave the “alt”-description (Alt & Titel Text) to all the picts … in “nggallery manage gallery”.

    Yes, wonderful, it does work! there are captions displayed … if e.g. i use Chrome / Safari 4 … but in Safari 5 there aren’t any captions shown.
    and finally i must recognize sadly, it doesn’t display all the given captions while watching the slideshow. it does stop (so it does look like) after a while.

    what should the fault may be?



    These two files are not final version of my modification or something. I just wanted to say that there is a solution to the problem and I am currently working on it.
    (After I’ve spent much time to search for a suitable plugin or extension for NGG. I thought that information might be helpful.)

    I had already found and corrected the error that you have discovered with the captions, it was a mistake in the Javascript file.

    My current version works fine with Safari5.1.7 on a windows machine.

    Now I am working on an additional shortcode that let you use the javascript-only version of the slideshow. If it works, I will publish my new version.



    As promised:

    Title / Description Modification for the great NextGEN Gallery Plugin Version 1.9.6

    (now both title/alt text AND description are supported)


    1. Backup your files first!
    2. Replace the following files:
    [root] is your nextgen gallery root directory e.g. [your ftp root]/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery as default
    2a. [root]/lib/shortcodes.php with this one
    2b. [root]/nggfunctions.php with this one
    2c. [root]/js/ with this one -now minified 🙂
    3. thats it!

    Use the new shortcode “js-slideshow” like any other NGG shortcode.
    E.g. [js-slideshow id=5]

    For styling use “#ngg-js-slideshow-title” or “div#ngg-js-slideshow-title” and “#ngg-js-slideshow-description” or “div#ngg-js-slideshow-description” in your CSS file.

    You can find all modifications by searching “//MOD” with every text editor.



    Removed a relict in nggfunctions.php use this link instead: click

    excellent – i’m speechless with admiration!

    there’s ready at last a such a long time vitally needed but missing feature – it should been blazed abroad …!

    thank you so much!



    You’re welcome, but I have made it for me too. 😉

    I have a small bugfix. If you have a js-slideshow with only one image, no title/description were shown. This is fixed now.

    You can get the new ngg.slideshow.min.js here.

    Or get the entire modified plugin here.

    only one tiny thing i do miss now – i upset later that the original not so bad switch to “show picture list” – functionality has gone sadly …

    has that been your personal idea of this alternate concept or more a technical problem? should it be possible re-adding it?




    You’re confusing something.
    There is a difference between the [slideshow] shortcode (which I have modified) and your shortcode [nggallery].

    Nevertheless I know what you mean and I have done some additional modifications to support title & description with the ngggallery shortocde.

    view demo here
    download new version here

    have fun. 🙂

    Thanks for the update.

    I have uploaded the fixed files and can now see title and caption/description under slider.

    My question is: To further style these text areas, do I insert coding inside the nggallery CSS file (or another place/file)?

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