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  • I dont get y you would not have the options for media-rss.php inside the wp-admin panel for the plugin.

    I’m talking about
    Parameters for mode =

    every time I update the plugin
    I have to go & re edit media-rss.php
    & some times I forget I have to edit it.
    it would make life way easyer for me if you would take 20 min out of your life & add it.

    the media-rss.php plays a big part in nextgen-gallery
    yet you only have the options that realy don’t matter for the media-rss.php

    updating plugins most plugins is fast & easy
    so y dont you do that same?

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  • I didn’t get the point, can you write more clear what exact you want and what do you edit in the media-rss.php ?

    How could you not know what I’m talking about
    you must have never looked inside the media-rss.php file

    This post is more for the maker of this plugin
    he would know what I’m talking about.

    I just find it dumb that the options inside the media-rss.php file are not available in the wp-admin for the plugin.

    so every time i update the plugin i have to re edit the media-rss.php file options.

    oh dude
    I did not know your the maker of this plugin

    if you could add
    the mode Parameters options in the media-rss.php file to the admin cp of the plugin that would be soo cool.

    I just hate having to re edit the file everytime I update the plugin.

    i’m also really dying with media-rss =)

    1. a have only one meta tag for nextgen feed and it’s ‘general media RSS’. it’s the same all over my site – on the index, also on the gallery pages and album pages. and i can’t remember if i changed smth or it happend after plugin update.

    2. i changed feed template ( and i have to back it up in case of overwrite with update.
    – also i have to change get_option('siteurl'); with bloginfo('home');
    – and i don’t want a site description as a feed description, because i have stray quotes tagline there, so my feed description looks like [stray-random categories=tagline noajax=true disableaspect=true] and that’s stupid.

    3. and please, dear all, let me know, how i can manage a few things:
    – my ‘general media RSS’ displays 10 last images. how i can change this number?
    – how can i get a link to the page with gallery which contains the image inside the feed item?

    ok. i found a way to change the number of photos (look: /nextgen-gallery/xml/media-rss.php) – how could i guess ‘general media Rss’ is a ‘last_pictures’ mode?…

    but i can’t change get_option('siteurl'); with bloginfo('home'); – it breaks the feed

    still wondering if i can get a link to the gallery instead of full size image. any ideas?

    and that’s another quest:
    if i have the page for gallery contains this image – i want a link to the gallery
    if i don’t have the page for gallery means this image is placed in some post. so i want a link to that post with an image.

    is that possible?

    sure would be nice if we did not have to fill in all the options for /nextgen-gallery/xml/media-rss.php every time we update nextgen-gallery.

    that gets old fast & with how often you have to update the plugin.


    so alexrabe do you have anything to add to this topic??

    alexrabe on your website you say
    “I’m open for ideas and contribution in any direction.”

    OK heres the the idea.
    move the settings in the gallery/xml/media-rss.php
    to the wp-admin settings part of the nextgen plug-in.
    this way every time I have to update your plugin I don’t have to edit files to get the rss feed the way I want it.

    this is the one of 2 things I really don’t like about this plugin.
    the other would be to have thumbnails in the Rss feed.

    Please post your fix at my GoogleCode page, I will look into it

    Thank you I will do that

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