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  • anybody?

    I am also interest in an answer to this question, is this not a feature?

    I am as well. I would love to have my users be able to leave comments on individual pictures

    me too.. anyone??? please 🙂

    I figured out how to do it when you post individual pictures into a post, but not for the ones in the gallery.

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    Yeah, comments on single pictures would be a great feature … also to allow user to Tag images – why would you tag ALL the pictures yourself if users are eager to do it 😉 … ok problems would be false tagging but from another community I’m in I can say an option to delete all tags of a user if the tagging is disallowed or user is deleted helps A LOT … user either dont help tagging or tag nice or tag false for fun …

    I don’t have much money but if somebody wants to open a donation bucket for picture comments (and maybe user tagging) I’ll throw 50 USD in!!!

    Hi, I am new over here and would really like to make a photo album/gallery where I could add pictures once in a while and where people could comment on them… I would like all this pictures to be together so I wouldn’t want to post them randomly in time in the main home page, instead I would create a new page called “photos” just for them.

    Is there a plugin that I could use for it? Has anybody had any luck?

    Note that the ability to have comments on each picture is very important for me.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could help me over here.




    Juro83 built a plugin that allows commenting per picture. To achieve this he creates a single page for each picture (not sure if you want this ). Follow the discussion here:

    I think it is quite nice, but still not exactly *the* solution, since yo get tons of pages if you have a large gallery.



    @hartlijn … ok … Juro83’s Plugin works fine … looks confusing and kinda wrong at first when all the pages are created but it is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Now I link Gallerys to the Index Page of Juros Plugin and organize them in Albums

    Just added two galleries if anyone wants to see it in action:

    But there is one BIG thing that I dont like … I would love to have the index page where all thumbnails are shown broken down to max. 50 pictures or something … most of my gallerys have 500+ pictures and I have more than 200 galleries :-O … hehehe … is there a way to limit the “pages” widget to the first “hirachy” of pages so it does not show all the subpages?!? Or exclude a whole tree? Looks like it’s onyl possible to exclude page id’s which might be too much work ;-))



    Again Juro83’s patch is a nice workaround but it would be WAY better if it is fully integrated – found some nasty bugs with mod-rewrite and such but generally it is a good idea to write out pages for each picture … you get a nice link (mod rewrite) to each picture, can add html or whatever and COMMENTS!

    Oh, by the way … 1 week up and NO comment yet *lol* … but my site is a baby and ppl are shy – right?!? ;-))

    Just made a donation of 25 EUR and still offer 50 EUR more for an integrated Pic-Comment Feature ;-))) anyone in to raise the bucket???



    Hey!INKstar!! it’s cool!!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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