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  • i try to change the album thumbnail size in CSS without succes.
    i managed to change the thumbnail size, but there’s no way to fix the little white margin according to the new size.

    .ngg-album-compactbox {
    	background:transparent url(albumset.gif) no-repeat scroll 0%;
    	margin:0pt 0pt 6px !important;
    	padding:12px 0pt 0pt 7px !important;

    by default, thumbnails are displayed 91x68px, i’d like to have them 180×120.
    any help ?
    Any help ???

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  • I am trying to do the samething! Were you able to fix this issue?

    not really !
    i messed around with the margins & image size, but didn’t come through!
    help would be appreciated ! ! !

    I know! If you find any help let me know I will do the same here.

    I simply went into options and altered some of the dimensions. Now my images are shown smaller, but in full form (I didn’t like them being cut off and equal in shape). It can be done!


    Had the same issue.
    Here is the result:
    Here is the css:

    .ngg-album-compactbox {
        background:none no-repeat scroll 0 center transparent;
        margin:0 0 6px !important;
        padding:12px 0 0 7px !important;
    .custom .ngg-album-compactbox .Thumb {
        border:2px solid #FFFFFF;
        box-shadow:2px 2px 4px #000000;
        margin:0 !important;
        padding:0 !important;
    .custom .ngg-album-compact h4 {
    .custom .ngg-album-compact h4 a{
    .custom .ngg-album-compact p {

    I’m using the Thesis theme, so didn’t change any NGG files, just added the new css to my custom.css file.

    Hi wizzpig666, that’s brilliant! But how did you get your css to override the nggallery css? I’m using a child theme of twentyeleven, and I put your css in my style.css in the child theme, and it is not overriding the nggallery css.

    I’m no website builder, but I’m trying to do this myself this time. I’ve uploaded my images, but the thumbnails come out vertically, instead of horizontally. Does anyone have any advise on this one?

    You’ll need to start a new post for this one or no-one will notice your question. For what it’s worth it sounds like a css issue. It would help if, when you start a new thread, you include a link to your website.

    wizzpig666, I love how you implemented your gallery.
    Which plugins do you have activated for that?

    sorry for the late reply i didn’t see notification of a reply until now.

    If you are using a child theme, most of them have a style.css file and a custom.css file which will override style.css

    You will not have to use the .custom class as I have done, that applies only to the Thesis theme.


    I used the NextGen Scroll Gallery plugin alongside NextGen.

    Hope that helps you both 🙂

    Dayspring photo, I agree it sounds like a css issue, possibly that your thumbnails do not have float:left applied.

    Thanks for the quick response wizzpig666!

    My gallery seems to be very sensitive and many small changes seem to break it. I almost have a similar set up:

    But I’m still working on the thumbnail size. I’ve copied your CSS and changed the CSS in nextgen-gallery/css/nggallery.css as well as the
    Hero: Stylesheet style.css (because just the first CSS change didn’t do anything) – Hero is my theme.

    Have any other suggestions?


    can you send me a link to your gallery?

    This is the link to the gallery:

    I can’t get the thumbnails on this page to change size…


    I think those thumbnail sizes are changed in the NextGen options. I used css only for changing the size of album thumnails, not gallery images.

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