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  • PurplesRealm


    I have just upgraded to WP 2.7 and then upgraded Next Gen also.

    Since the upgrade I can not add a new gallery. When I type the gallery name and enter nothing happens. (doesnt give me the gallery id number etc)

    Looking at the gallery list it is not there – however when I look at the content/images file the new gallery folder has been added there.

    Its just not showing in the Next Gen admin.

    How do I fix this?

    (Ive re-installed the upgrade files twice – just in case. But that hasnt changed it)

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  • PurplesRealm


    I am desperate for an answer to this issue as I really want to start using nextgen again. Can anyone help me, please.



    Agreed. There seems to be a glitch or at least something I’m not catching. NextGEN is writing to the database(s) for the following files:


    But for some reason is not writing to wp_ngg_gallery. I can edit the gallery, add images, take out images, but cannot create a new gallery. however, on FTP it creates the folder for the gallery.

    ??? Assistance would be required…. =)



    I just dropped my database files completely (all wp_ngg files) …reinstalled the nextGEN plug-in and it all worked flawlessly. THEN I uploaded my db files (per the above ones) again and the problem came right back… I can’t add a gallery and can only edit the existing ones.

    Anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

    Help. Im still waiting for a resolution for this issue. Does anyone have any idea as to what is happening? Please.

    well, i hope it worked for you.
    if you ckcik ”ok” it removes the old one and than……….the new one does not work !!

    Been searching and reading for 2 days now !

    It’s back to HALF working, frst page of dash board is working

    But anything you click on beneat ”gallery” (eg MANAGE) look like this :
    Index of /marsite/wordpress/wp-admin/nextgen-gallery
    Parent Directory


    IT being UPGRADING from a good working nextgen to……..STRESS

    I ended up starting all over again. I saved my old database files, cleaned house, reinstalled nextGEN then started plugging away. All works fine now…I was lucky however. I only have 150 images in my system and a night to kill.

    No one has said anything about this issue and from what I’ve been reading the latest upgrade to nextGEN is plagued with issues as well.

    I didn’t know what to do so I started over….. =(

    I created one of the ‘cardinal sins’ of upgrading. I didnt back up this time!!!! (prior to upgrading the gallery) ARGHHHH….
    I normally do, but this time I just flew through it and completely forgot.
    So my last backup takes me months back as well as pre wordpress 2.7.

    Ive learnt my lesson, and now Im stuck using the wordpress gallery. 🙁

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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