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  • Following the instructions, I downloaded the imagerotator.swf file and uploaded to the indicated directory, wp-content/upload. NGG could not find it. I then created a folder with the name imagerotator and placed it there, no difference. I entered the path into the field and saved settings but NGG cannot use the SWF file. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I know that the imagerotator.swf and the other files that came with it are in the above mentioned directory.
    2. There is a second copy of imagerotator.swf in wp-content/upload directory.
    3. I clicked on the “Search Now” button with no success
    4. I manually entered the path as wp-content/upload and saved settings

    Obviously I have not yet tried the necessary step. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?


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  • If it didn’t find the imagerotator automatic, simply add the full URL to the file and save it. That should be working

    Does it need the fully qualified URL like:

    I followed the pattern usggested in the installation and entered just the following:

    I will try the full URL and report again.

    yes it needs the full url

    Nope, it did not work. I entered the full URL as:
    If you to to the site, click on Blog and see if the flash slide show option will work for you. It did not work for me. I have not yet found what I’m doing wrong. The chase continues.

    I have tried several other locations with their full URL added to the field. I could not make it work. I even tried adding the name of imagerotator.swf at the end of the path. No dice. I can send screen captures but this forum does not allow for that. Would it be OK Alex, if I wrote to you on private channel with attachments?

    OK, I finally made NGG see the imagerotator.swf, in fact it found it by clicking the button. I placed it inside nextgen-gallery folder. However, it still does not create or show the flash slide show. Nothing in NGG this cumbersome to install and run, this is a major exception to that rule. Could you post somewhere full set of instructions? Obviously the uploads directory is not the preferred destination, it never found it there; and nextgen-gallery location worked on the first try. Something is awry somewhere. Help please, I promised my students that I will get help and make this feature working for them.

    Well, once more with feeling! I have been trying to see the slide show on the blog home page, but when I displayed a single post it worked. I thought it might be a case of having more than one slide show on the page, and found a series where there was only one slide show, it still did not work. When I display a single post it works. However, I believe the previous version used to run with multiple slide shows on the page. Is this a limitation of imagerotator.swf, NGG, the new version of NGG, or something on my site?

    Could you post a example ?

    It will not work here

    It will work here

    The first is the blog home page and the other a single post

    I can’t wait to hear how this goes, I’m having a similar issue.

    Oh man… I got mine working flawlessly. My biggest (dorkiest?) problem was that I didn’t see the tabs under Options! Once I did search it found the swf and everything worked perfectly.

    I haven’t tried more than one slideshow though.

    Ok, thanks for the feedback

    looks like a query issue which I need to check better, I willl need to have a look for that

    Thanks. For whatever it is worth, I have the same thing installed on other sites, copies of my plugin directories essentially, they are working. I ruled out the theme-related problems as another site done by my students has the galleries displaying in either mode. I am more curious than in need of showing flash slideshows. Thank you for looking at it.

    I forgot to give a link to compare. This is the student developed site gallery page:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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