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  • Very sound and profound comment, thanks for that.

    Apart from the fact that it is pretty self-explanatory, there are various documentations available (if needed!).

    Or pretty helpful sample pages.

    If you’d happen to be in a more constructive mood, why not tell us about some alternative with huge advantages you see elsewhere?

    Well, I can’t share your experiences. I think nextgen is quite easy to handle. If you are unable to upload multiple pictures it is probably a problem with your hoster. There are a lot of instructions around not only on the author’s homepage. Just search around a bit. After all this is a free gallery and I don’t think it is asked too much doing some reading and maybe a forum search if you can’t find a solution for a specific problem.

    Most novice users find it quite hard. There are simple too many steps and too many things to click for them in able to just “upload images to a album” and it’s true. Nextgen is a bit bloated and not so user friendly unfortunately.

    A “newbie mode” and an “advanced mode” would be something.

    Being an avid user of NextGen, I have found it to be very useful plugin for WP and it certainly addresses the so called ‘cons’ above.

    1. User interface design is a complex area and not ‘every’ user will be satisfied due to their own personal habits and preferences of interfaces. It is an iterative process at times and relies on constructive feedback. The design of NextGen makes a good go of giving users a tool free of charge.

    2. To add multiple images, use the flash loader option and when your folder window opens use the [CTRL] key and select the images you want to load. Press okay and watch it do its thing!

    3. As maierma says it is self-explanatory and documentation is available. Plus support from alex rabe himself.

    That’s me done!

    Try setting up a WP-install up + NGG for your father or mother, then hand them no help what so ever and se how fast it’ll go (as you said – there are documentation so it will help them, won’t it? …) 🙂

    If you’d happen to be in a more constructive mood, why not tell us about some alternative with huge advantages you see elsewhere?

    Paleces like this forum is for sharing experiences to make softwares better. The fact that there is no alternative available, or the fact that it is for free doesn’t justify a bad interface. I appreciate the developer’s work and generosity who made all of us able to use what he (or she) has written free of charge, but I think I have the right, as a user, to say my opinion about the design of the interface.

    I still think that it takes some time to understand what “Album” and “Gallery” mean in NextGen, and how to work with it.It is not self-explanatory as you suggest. It does not have an intuitive interface. “Upload Images” is a submenu under “Add Gallery”. How that is self-explanatory? It should be the first thing you see on the menu. Besides, the user shouldn’t look for the documentation on the net. It should be there –in the admin– as a part of the package. There is a huge “Copyright notes / Credits” submenu in the Gallery but not a single line describing how to place a gallery in your post or page. For that kind of information you should either search the net or read the “Readme” file. This is not the most user-friendly design, and I am saying it because I want to be constructive. I want it to become a better Gallery for WP.

    I think this is the problem. Most of these things are set up with the programmer/website builder in mind. When it comes to those of us with little experience, it isnt user friendly. Also, when trying to get help, it is also geared towards former mentioned, and of little help to the later. It is very frustrating when you want to learn, and you try to follow instructions that can look very daunting. A little help from somebody can go a long way.

    The other thing is, when you do try looking round, as in Davids Technical Musings for example, the info there, really good, but is different to what I see in my acp/options settings, so there again it can be confusing.

    @@ bluebird

    If this had bee your initial post, that would have been far more accurate than the original one.

    Apart from the fact that only one out of three of your “cons” is actually about UI.

    1 pure taste (initial post)
    2 not valid as it is possible (and pretty obvious in the UI, too!)
    3 partly true but I think one can expect that those setting up a blog should be capable of clicking one button to the developer’s site for more information. Maybe not …

    However, I agree, it would be more elegant if a concise documentation was included, agree.

    I also agree that the concept of ‘album’ vs ‘galleries’ is not something that is highly intuitive at the beginning.

    The concept of WP (and all related projects) is very much a community-based approach, therefore suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism or even (coding) help are the strenghts. Not random complaints.

    On the other hand, Wp (and also NGG) is so easy to handle that far too many people are using it … 😉

    I absolute agree, the design need a rework. It’s a matter of time, ideas and motivation. Post number one is not wrong, but failed to motivate me…

    Please note, I have build up this plugin for my own purpose. Yes, when you start with coding , you sometimes didn’t see design failures… because you programmed it. So your feedback help me to rework it (If I have the time), but please more constructive.

    One final note about documenatation, I HATE them, Yes I really hate to document my own code. I know that this would makes so much things easier, but i really invest a lot of time in this plugin and I do not want to write documentation for it, because it’s for me no fun. Therefore it’s your turn :

    This text can be added to the Admin area:

    To use NextGen Gallery your main gallery folder must have write permission. To add images, galleries, and slideshows to your posts and pages use these tags inside your text:

    1. To add a galley or slideshow: [gallery=ID] or [slideshow=ID]
    2. To add a slideshow in a certain size: [slideshow=id,width,height]
    3. To add an album: [album=id,extend] or [album=id,compact]
    4. To add a single picture from your gallery collection: [singlepic=id,width,height,mode,float]
    5. To add an image browser: [imagebrowser=id]
    6. To show images sorted by tags: [tags=name,name,name]
    7. To show tag albums : [albumtags=name,name,name]

    Haha… The fact that this thread started out as pure whining is a bit humorous. So hopefully someone will find it constructive in the end!

    I use NextGen for a lot of client websites and even some of the most web-illiterate clients seem to find NextGen extremely easy to use.

    Yes, when I first started using it, the mixup between the word “gallery” and the word “album” was a tad confusing, but this plugin has been around so long it would almost cause more problems to change it now. Plus, have there been any better suggestions?

    It is a good suggestion to make the “Add Gallery” page title a little more clear. It is not quite clear that images can be uploaded there until you visit the page. But, if you visit the main Gallery page in the admin, it has a button that clearly says “Upload Pictures.” So maybe if this page could be called “Add Images & Galleries” it will solve the confusion.

    I think the instructions given by bluebird2 up above are a bit useless as it is SUPER simple to add images, galleries, slideshows, albums, etc. using the nifty NextGen button in the wysiwyg. If you don’t use the wysiwyg, then you are obviously not a noob and should have the knowledge to look at instructions given on the official plugin site.

    Honestly, I think Alex does an excellent job with documenting exactly what is needed to understand the plugin and its functionality directly on his sample site

    Offering documentation directly in the admin panel of a plugin really seems like a daunting task. I honestly don’t know how delicious:days manages to keep up with all the extensive documentation they provide with cformsII and my hats off to them for it. I’d rather the coder continuing to spend their time developing an already wonderful plugin than worrying about keeping up with docs in the admin panel. A simple text file with the plugin always works fine and a sample site works even better!

    So, just my two-cents… Keep up the awesome work Alex!

    I have to agree with the ‘bad interface’. I love Nextgen and thanks alexrabe. I’m a computer nerd, I have no problem using it, but my family (I set up a family website) can’t use it. I had to setup an auto ftp upload folder on their desktops, so they just copy a pic to the folder (which is auto synced with my website via ftp) and once a week I go into the website/nextgen manage and click on scan folder. This is quite cumbersome (plus even for me moving pics to a new gallery, or is it album?, is difficult). Now that I think about it, I previously said I have no prob using it, but actually it is quite difficult to work with. Everyone bashes and then says – hey thanks to Alex though. Well, I do want to say thanks :). But, please make it easier for my family (and me).


    Any recommendation ? “Make it easier” is like “Make it better”….

    My recommendations can be found here. Let me know what you think.

    See if this gallery plugin does it for you: (Demo) (Download)

    Disclosure: I’m one of the people who worked on this plugin.

    We spent quite a bit of time trying to get the interface right (there’s a single AJAX tabbed panel for everything from settings, add images, label images, customization, etc.)

    Let me know if you have any feedback: alan [at]

    Hope this helps 😉

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