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  • Using NexGen 1.9.3

    Hi I hope someone can help me with an urgent problem, we are just a school and I make their site for them for free, but if someone can help I am willing to try and get some money together for them if necessary.

    Yesterday all the galleries previously uploaded on the site stopped working, all thumbnails show as broken image links, and if you click on a thumbnail the “Loading” splash appears and nothing else happens.

    Looking in the Manage Gallery page it is exactly the same story, broken image links etc.

    I tried to create a new gallery and upload images. Everything appears to work, images are uploaded, the thumbnails created and the “Successful” message appears. But still all those thumbnail and image links appear broken on the front end and manage gallery pages.

    I’ve looked at the directories in cPanel and it seems as though the plugin has done it’s job, the images are all there, the thumbnails are all there too and I can view them in cPanel. The permissions are 666 too so that shouldn’t be an issue.

    I have disabled ALL other plugins, I have rebuilt the permalink structure and done everything I can think of. I am using Atahualp theme, but haven’t changed anything on that in weeks and weeks so can’t understand what may have triggered this in the last couple of days.

    Any ideas anyone?

    I’ve popped the site into maintenanace mode, but if anyone needs a look let me know

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  • What’s the permission of the image and thumb folders? A few weeks ago I also had broken thumbs: file permission were set to 664, but the thumbs folder was 774 – modified it to 755 and everything worked.

    The folders created by NextGen are all 755 and the files created by NextGen (Images and thumbs) are all 644, which looks right to me.

    I just can’t get to the bottom of this one.
    Any ideas yet?

    scampy, could you give a link? I’ll try to figure out something.

    Hi Zsono,

    Here’s a link to one of the many galleries on the site that has stopped working:

    Thank you so much for taking a look, my little kids at school are moaning at me every day as they want to see pictures back n the school site!


    Looks like I’m stuck on this one then?

    Sorry scampy, just got back to my computer. 🙂

    Did the galleries ever work on the site? If yes, did you update NG Gallery, WP or have you changed the site/WordPress URL 2 weeks ago? If it worked with NGG 1.9.2, then you should downgrade to that version.

    What I find strange is when I enter, it gives a “Nothing Found” page. It should give a 403 forbibben message or a blank page.

    Hiya, don’t worry about the delay, it’s so nice of you to take the time to help me out.
    Yes the galleries worked fine for a number of months, I then upgraded from shared hosting to VPS, we had a number of memory issues and for a short time had to switch from suphp to DSO. We then upgraded the memory and switch back to suphp. After that the problem occured.
    It doesn’t seem to be a memory issue, gd library is installed and the site manages to e-size pictures uploaded normally.
    I’m stumped!

    Okay, I’ve tried deleting all traces of the plugin from the site, and re-installing from scratch (as that fixed the identical problem for another person
    But it still isn’t working.
    So I deleted it all again, and tried installing version 1.9.2 but still the same problem.
    I’m stumped.
    Is there another gallery plugin that somebody can suggest I try as an alternative. Would be a shame not to use NGG here as I do on all my other sites, but seems I don’t have much choice.

    Unfortunately I think I’m having the same problem on my site :!/editorial/

    At one point all my NGG’s were working just fine. I don’t recall if them not working started with an upgrade or what….but now when I click thumbs I just get a blank slate. The weird part is I had tried completely uninstalling NG and reinstalling, reuploading all images, etc. The first time I previewed my site the gallery worked fine! But then when I refreshed it has since stopped working.

    Keep me posted if you find a solution here. Haven’t checked file permissions as you mentioned above…where do you find that?

    @scampy, I have found some forums and articles about NGG-suPHP conflicts, they are in German, but the snippets are easy to understand:

    @rgreisman, it is a very strange problem. When I first visited your site, the images were displayed correctly, but the second, third time the blank black background appeared. It’s not a permission problem, I think that the plugin’s javascript and the theme’s javascript files don’t like each other. I will look for a solution.

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