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  • Hello,

    I have been testing this galley NG v.93 and came across a issue that the thumb nail does not display in in Album compact or extend however I do get the thumbnail to dispay in gallery view… am I missing something?


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  • same in my installation, v.93… :s

    I am not sure exactly what you mean, do you get a working gallery. I am currently running that version just fine (I think). I do know however that my album IDs are numbers and not what I called the album


    Also when editing a gallery I had to specify which picture I wanted as a thumbnail. I did that by choosing ‘edit gallery’ when i was viewing the gallery under ‘manage gallery’ if that makes any sense. It all seems to work, I use the extend album option so i can write a description next to each gallery but it is still the same principle. It all seems to work fine for me. Hope this helped. Sorry if it did not.

    JOSH44, Yes I have Gallery Running and see the thumbnails and descriptions, however when previewing the Albums using either Number [album=2,compact] or Name [album=alien,compact] in ID, I do not get a thumbnail to appear, it just says “Watch gallery” as a link in the image frame, but it if you click the links, it all works fine because it switches back to gallery style.

    Example Demo:

    hi bluealien,

    have you figured out the problem?

    i have the same problem here. no thumbs on album view.

    anyone have the solution for this?

    thanks 🙂

    Same happens to me. I want albums to display as the example here:

    pretty neat! But I can’t find how to configurate this… =(

    seem like nobody is gonna come to help us T_T

    guess have to figure it out myself. i’ll bring in good news if i’m victorious.

    Hi guys,

    I managed to figure out the problem. Well, it’s really not a problem.

    We have somehow missed the part where we have to go to Manage Gallery -> edit (one of the many galleries) -> find the “edit gallery” button on upper right side -> and then select a preview image.

    that’s about it. have fun posting pictures.

    this is resolved!


    I can’t believe it… I did that in WP 2.5 but it didn’t worked!!!! maybe that could be the problem? now with 2.5.1 I had to unistall an reinstall the plugin and just checked what you said… voila! it was there!!! thank you very much Supernothing =)

    Thanks! That did it for me as well!

    Same problem here, but SOLVED:

    You have to remember to add the new gallery to your album!

    (Took me a while to figure out :o/)

    I’ve tried everything above but I’m still getting the words “Watch gallery” instead of an image. need help.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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