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  • Hi !

    Just a question about this wonderful Plugin !

    I use the <?php echo $gallery->title ?> in gallery.php for add the title of the gallery.
    I need to add the title of the album too so i tried to use this code :
    <?php echo $album->title ?> but it didn’t work at all and i wanted to know if they are a way to display the album title with a variable in NextGen Gallery ?!

    Thanks in advance !

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  • Ohhh thanks a lot !

    I view this topic but not worked for me :/

    So… the trick you tell is the other topic don’t work for me.
    I made some code for testing the variable and
    1) the $album variable is defined
    2) the $album variable is empty !

    I don’t know why the $album viariable is empty :/

    I add for the test :

    <?php $album = nggdb::find_album( get_query_var('album') ); ?>
    <?php if(isset($album)) echo '$album load..... ok !<br />'; ?>
    <?php if($album != '') {echo '$album is not empty';} else {echo '$album is empty...';} ?>

    A solution ?!


    Sorry.. I replied to already existing.. I made my own post, desregard this post.

    Hi, Just moved to new hosting site running Linux and I have a strange problem. I moved my entire site from home hosting to this one and after setting everything up all seems to be ok but some of my galleries are missing ?? and some are not. Initial thoughts are that this is a rights issues but how come the other albums work fine ( At the moment I cannot even add new gallery, I get error that the server Safe-Mode is on and tells me to try to add the folder manually which I have also tried.
    I try to give all of the involved folder the 777 access but it doesnt seem to help ?? Any ideas were I’m going wrong and how come some of the folders seem to work ?

    Hoping for some tips on this ??
    Best regards

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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