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  • After creating a standard page (/pictures/) and including the Extended Album shortcode, I can see that it includes links to pages for galleries organized within that album.

    But if I go into the gallery manager set a dedicated page for that gallery (via the ‘Create new page’ and ‘Page Link to’ fields) the ‘Extended Album’ view does not update its links to the new address of the gallery’s page.

    So then I have two pages that have the same content.

    I would expect the ‘Extended Album’ shortcode to update its gallery links to the proper permalink.

    Is this expected functionality? Maybe I am missing something?

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  • Hi Ideric –

    Did you find a solution to this? I think I have the same issue:

    I wanted 1 page called Photo Galleries to appear in main navigation that would open a page that showed all of my ALBUMS (I’ve got 2) and when an album is clicked it will show all of my GALLERIES for that ALBUM. (I’ve only uploaded 1 Gallery so far but will have many).

    I’ve created a page for all of my ALBUMS called “Photo Galleries” and its link is in main nav.
    I’ve created 2 ALBUMS: “Celebrities: Sets, Sightings, Premieres” and “Movie Stills and Posters”
    I’ve created pages for all of these.
    I’ve created 1 GALLERY so far: “Reese Witherspoon Star Ceremony” and made a page for that.

    ALBUM “Celebrities: Sets, Sightings, Premieres”:
    tag to display all ALBUMS from “Celebrities” Album:

    When I’m on the “Photo Gallery” page (
    the resulting page from clicking the “Celebrity” ALBUM is:

    but it should bring you to the “Celebrity” ALBUM:

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    figured it out!!! i went to manage albums then clicked to edit album and i made it link to itself.

    ok cool. So basically the Album itself needs a link set. Thanks for your updates mlouelkins!

    J S


    I’m not sure how you guys do it but I’ve been trying for a couple of hours and I just don’t get it right. I want it just like mlouelkins describe it, but but but… I just don’t get it and I’m ready to give up.

    Mlouelkins… Can you run it step by step for me? Make it simple, make it straight, think newbie. Please! I’m about to throw this out and do something else.

    @ideric – no problem! hope it helped you!

    @mysterythetiger – don’t give up! It’s a great plugin! I’m a total newbie, never touched WordPress until last Thursday. Once you figure out how to do this it’ll be worth. What confused me was that the developer calls what most people consider ‘galleries’ ALBUMS and ‘albums’ GALLERIES. Keep that in mind. The ALBUM will house GALLERIES and the galleries contain the photos.

    To create an ALBUM that contains multiple ALBUMS that each contain GALLERIES that each contain images – I’ll try to break it down as best as I can:

    Step 1: Create an ALBUM to house all of your other ALBUMS. Let’s call the album: Photo Galleries. Go to Manage Albums and click Add New Album to do this. If this is the first album you’ve created, your album ID is 1.

    Step 2: Create a new WordPress page to will display this album, Photo Galleries. I called the page “Photo Galleries”

    Step 3: In the HTML editor for this page enter [album=#,compact] OR [album=#,extended], depending on which sort of view you want. (If you’re unsure see: Replace # with the number that corresponds to your album ID. In this case: [album=1,compact]

    Step 4: Make two more album pages (or however many you want, you shouldn’t need many). These new albums pages will be the sub-pages (child pages) for your main album. Let’s call them: “Concert Photos” and another album “Celebrity Photos”. Make sure you make the Parent Page for each new album: Photo Galleries.

    Step 5: Once you have created this Photo Galleries page and albums and child albums, it’s time to create some GALLERIES and put some Galleries into the two child Albums you created. To do this, go back to the NextGEN administration menu and click on “Add Gallery.” Let’s do two…Create names for the galleries: “The Fighter Premiere” and “Foo Fighters”. Click add new gallery in NextGen. Name the first one The Fighter Premiere. Upload your images and choose The Fighter Premiere from the dropdown menu.

    When your images upload, go into Manage Gallery and click to get to The Fighter Premiere album. Give it a Title and Description. Now create a new page for this album. For the “Create New Page” dropdown select the name of your Album page that you created earlier – I want this to go into “Celebrity Photos” – and click on “Add page.” This will automatically create a child page under your Album page containing this gallery. Make sure you click to save changes. Once you click “Add page,” the “Page Link to” field will automatically update. Also select a “Preview image” which will be your gallery cover. Click to save changes after everything you do.

    Step 6: Last thing is to make this new gallery “The Fighter Premiere” you just created show up on your Album page “Celebrity Photos” which is on your Photo Galleries page.

    In NextGen admin area, click “Album” and select your album (Celebrity Photos) from the dropdown. Then drag and drop your gallery (The Fighter Premiere) from the right into the album on the left. Click “Update”. Now this gallery will show up in your Album “Celebrity Photos”.

    Repeat these steps to add more galleries into the same album. Or add more galleries into a different album. To do that: create a gallery to go into another album. (Foo Fighters to go into Concert Photos album). For the “Create New Page” dropdown select the name of your other Album page that you created earlier – “Concert Photos” – and click on “Add page.” This will automatically create a child page under your Album page containing this gallery.

    Visit your page: Photo Galleries – and everything should work like my gallery does. Go to my site and under Photo Galleries in main nav you get to the page of Albums:

    Click the first album: Celebrities: Sets Sightings, Premieres

    This brings you to another page that contains two albums, one if The Fighter Premiere

    Click that and it brings you to the page for that album.

    Hope this helps!

    Forgot to mention – if you want additional text to appear on your gallery page (The Fighter Premiere) – just go into that WordPress page for that gallery to edit it and add something in the html editor – like a description. Be careful not to mess with the album code that generated when you created the page in Manage Gallery.

    J S


    Thanks alot for the instructions Mlouelkins. Very nice of you to help out.
    I must be doing something wrong though because I don’t get it to work. Perhaps I’m mixing ALBUMS, GALLERIES and PAGES in a big mess and loose myself along the way=). Going to keep trying, it will get right sooner or later. Atleast I have something to go by now.

    J S


    YAY! Got it to work finaly. Not really according to instructions but close enough for comfort. I’m going to sort this thing with “PAGES” out later on but for now I can display my pictures according to categories.


    so what, do you have to store the galleries inside of albums? I have four galleries built and am trying to display each gallery on a page but it’s not showing the proper images that are within the gallery. I’m using the NextGen widget for displaying on the right sidebar. I can’t tell if I’m building the galleries/albums wrong or if there’s a glitch. It’s really starting to peeve me off as I’ve been screwing with it for 4 hours.

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