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  • _ap_


    Albums title:

    open nggfunctions.php

    search this (line 390-400)


    if (!empty($sortorder)) {
    $gallery_array = unserialize($sortorder);

    $out = ‘<div class=”ngg-albumoverview”>’;

    if ( is_array($gallery_array) )
    $out .= nggCreateAlbum( $gallery_array, $mode, $albumID );


    and replace this:


    if (!empty($sortorder)) {
    $gallery_array = unserialize($sortorder);

    $albumName = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT name FROM $wpdb->nggalbum WHERE id = ‘$albumID’ “);

    $out = ‘<div class=”ngg-albumoverview”><h1>’.$albumName.'</h1>’;

    if ( is_array($gallery_array) )
    $out .= nggCreateAlbum( $gallery_array, $mode, $albumID );


    Alex Rabe


    Better -> look for the template album-compact.php or album-extend.php


    I want also to display the gallery Title, while a gallery is displayed.

    I check in the gallery.php template and I added the line:
    <h3><?php echo $gallery->title ?></h3>

    But it doesn’t work. what is the variable contaning the gallery title?


    same problem mamax… any news??

    Better -> look for the template album-compact.php or album-extend.php

    Hi alexrabe!

    Could you explain which code have to be inserted in this files to display the album titles? I tried _ap_´s code but it doesn´t work.



    Anyone could help?

    To display the gallery title, look here:

    But I can’t display the album title yet.

    Thanks for the link! As you can see here (screenshot) the gallery titles are displayed well… That´s not the problem. But the screenshot shows 3 albums that are listed on one page. To get a better overview which gallery belongs to which album it would be better to display the album titles. This is what it should look like (screenshot 2).

    Infected, I apologize for hijacking threads like this, but on the screenshots you posted, I was wondering how to get multiple compact albums to line up with one another like that. When I enter the code to add one on my page they always stack on top of one another. What do I need to do in order to make them adjacent like this? Many thanks!

    @audios89: Go to gallery options into the gallery tab. There you enter 0 at column count as well as count of pics per side.

    After that you can display each album with

    [album id=1 template=compact]

    [album id=2 template=compact]

    [album id=3 template=compact]

    and so on…

    If you have an idea how to display the album titles above each album you´re welcome.

    @infected. Thanks for the input, although even with a 0 in both said columns, I still get this stacking issue. Those 0 values are affecting the gallery layout itself, and not the album(s) layout.

    You can see that on this page:

    the problem is pretty obvious. I am unsure of how to fix this. Sorry, don’t have any idea about getting the album titles to appear above atm. Any other ideas? Thanks

    I don´t really understand your problem… I take a look at the linked website. It looks like you have created 2 albums. Each of them contains 1 gallery. Put both galleries in 1 album, then they´re displayed side by side.

    Ah, that worked. So simple, I guess the most obvious solutions are sometimes the most difficult!

    I can´t imagine, that nobody has a solution for the album title problem. Any help is welcome. I tried to contact the plugin author (alexrabe) but he also do not response to my mail…

    If I understand you correct then you would like to display the album name ?

    <?php echo $album->name?>

    This should work with v1.1

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