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  • Hi!

    I hope, I can explain my question right… 😉

    Is it possible, to insert a single picture with NextGenGallery in my blog and if I click on it, it goes fullscreen AND I have the navigation too from the gallery?

    The fact behind is, I want to have a gallery, but just wanna post the new pictures by the time step by step – but with the gallerynavigation in the fullscreen-picture.

    Is it possible and whats the declaration?


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  • I have been looking for a solution to this for a long time now. Please let me know if you find something!


    The plugin is not set up to post one pic and to display the entire gallery in shutter, thickbox, lightbox, etc.

    It is possible to do that but shutter, thickbox, lightbox, etc. would need to have a list of all your pic url’s in the specified gallery which means modifying the code.

    Is that what you are wanting to do?


    Yes, I believe that is what I/we would like to do. I just want a single pic from a specified gallery to be displayed in my post and when someone clicks on that pic, it would open the pic larger (I think this is called lightbox) with the ability to click through all pics in the gallery in this view.

    I have seen several people in the forums looking to do this same thing and a few folks have posted hacks to accomplish it. Honestly, I’m a coding goober so I haven’t been entirely comfortable with trying any of them. I was just hoping, since others have the same request, that it would be added as a feature eventually by the author.


    @diggit2001 seriously guys, I’m shocked this was not even considered when the plugin was programmed. did anybody find a solution yet?

    @zacchaeusn7 Man, I know absolutely nothing about programming so I have no idea what it would take to add this sort of functionality but it seems pretty basic to me. I’ve seen several posts from other people asking for this but so far, the only solutions have been “hacks” that I’d rather not attempt.

    I just assume that its harder to program than I think it is and thats why it has not ever been added. I really wish it was though! It would improve my site dramatically.

    I want this feature, i’ve been searching for this too!

    However a workaround could be to define an album with just one gallery in it. Refering in your post to that particular album wil result in a thumbnail in your post. Onze clicked it wil guide you through the gallery which you assigned to that particular album.
    It’s not a brilliant idea however i can’t get any closer without modufing the scripts

    Hmm. adp4m, I tried as you suggested and my album shows up on my post with “15 Photos” next to it but when I click on the album itself, nothing seems to happen. It just takes me to the individual post page that displays the main album picture and thats it.

    Not sure whats up with that. I’ve never really used Albums before. Very odd.

    i’m not sure why your photo’s are not showing. Here is what i did:
    – defined a gallery (eg testgallery) and added some pics and assigned a picture from the gallery as preview immage
    – added an album (eg testalbum). I linked it to a page (eg testpage)
    – dragged the gallery testgallery to testalbum
    – added a posting and inserted a tag to album: testalbum eg [album id=2 template=compact] where “2” refers to the testalbum id

    Result for me is a posting in which a thumb is displayed. When i click om the thumb the underlying gallery is opened. Size of the thumb is determined in the option setting of nextgen.

    Well i hope this workts for you too. Although linking a single picture directly to a gallery would be much nicer. Hopes his explaines it for you.

    Hmmmm. OK, I followed your instructions explicitly and I pretty much ended up with the same problem that I had previously. This got me thinking that I might have a setting incorrect or different somewhere so I went into options to have a look. IN Options, on the “Gallery” tab, I checked the box that says, “The album will not link to a gallery subpage. The gallery is shown on the same page.” and now when I click on the album thumbnail on my post, it expands all pictures in a vertical row. Is that how yours behaves?

    I appreciate you taking the time to document your process. It’s been very helpful.


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