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  • Hey Alex,
    Thank you for the great plugin! I was trying to find out how to contact you and ask you if you’re interested in having some help with developing the NextGEN Gallery plugin. There’s a handful of improvements I noticed could be made such as more action/filter hooks that I’d be glad to contribute instead of making a fork from the plugin, which I’d rather not do, if you’re interested.

    I was also curious about a couple of other things, such as why not use a custom post type for the images and post meta to store the additional properties for the images compared to creating 3 new tables just for the plugin? I appreciate the separation of the images from the Media section, leaving that for “site-specific” supporting files and so on instead of full photo galleries that would clutter it.

    The reason I ask is I am writing a theme that I want to center around this plugin and need things such as tags for images, but the taxonomy pertains only to posts and not to custom table data, so naturally there’s a dilemma there. It’s also counter-productive to create a new post for each image since WordPress natively treats uploaded images as posts but with a different post type.
    Since I’m going through the NextGEN Gallery plugin’s code, I was wondering if I could help improve it or at least pick your brain on a couple of things since I’m sure there’s reasons you did many of them that I may just not see.

    Thanks again!

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  • Well, I start to wrote this plugin more than 4 years ago, where we had no post types, taxonomy and a media section. I agree that some things can be reworked, but to rewrite the plugin it will take time, without breaking existing installation. You are welcome to contribute any code via my Google Code page, but keep in mind the compability…

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