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  • hey all,
    is there a way to upload video files or sound files into nextgen gallery ?
    is there an extention to the plugin or a way to add those extensions (.mov, .mp3 etc) into the code somewhere to trick it into letting you upload them ?



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  • update to question :

    i played around with adding the extention .mov to all the places in all files of the nextgen folder where .jpg and .gif etc were listed.

    i think the files are in the admin folder, but i did a dreamweaver ‘find’ for .jpg.

    and it works. you can upload a .mov file and place it in a gallery i called ‘movies’.

    the only problems are :

    1. you get a unrecognized file type error when you upload it but you can still upload it. this can be sorted out by adding more code in a page somewhere in admin but i can’t really be bothered tonight to find out where.

    2. you don’t get a thumbnail. i reckon a default movie image would be a good start if nextgen gets the ability to upload movies and music file types in its next update. even better would be a random screenshot at say, .10 secs into every movie

    if anyone has already tried this and done better, i’d love to hear how.

    i am very curious why nextgen programmers didn’t release this capability into there latest update. for a programmer i would say it was an easy fix. maybe they will next time. ?


    i used this hack… however, i added the mov extension to all the pages throughout the entire next-gen gallery where jpg, png, and gif extensions were… after adding my gallery, i did not receive an error. there is not an ID or thumbnail for my mov files.

    i uploaded the folder on the server (“movies” which contained images and an mov file), then added the gallery by putting in the path. no matter what, the mov file will still be there, cause i dropped it on the server. i personally do not need there to be a thumbnail or id because i have a button linking to the mov.

    that being said, the error message not showing up is either being suppressed because i added the mov extension throughout the files, or because i did something wrong. either way, it makes no difference to me. the error message going away is good so that my client does not see it.

    just thought i would share my experience in case it helps someone else…

    it would actually be cool to get a thumbnail, or at least have the gallery recognize that there is a mov in the gallery. currently the gallery lists the images, but does not show that there is a mov file in the gallery at all. if someone has found a way around this hack i am interested in how they did it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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