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  • Hello,

    since in my site I have sticky posts so I’d like to associate a template file to the page that has the gallery….I wonder if it is possible and how I should write the tag [gallery id=X] in the template file to make it working?…


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  • To be more precise I’m asking that because:

    if I have an album and I click on a thumbnail it wont show the picture…the URL goes to be: http://localhost/mysite/?page_id=95&album=1&gallery=1 and the appearance is the same as http://localhost/mysite/?page_id=95

    if I have a album with an empty gallery it doesn’t show the title of the album (using either [gallery id=1] and [album id=1] in the template file) and then the title of the gallery even it is empty but it shows the title of the gallery as the main title and the title of the gallery as first gallery…

    Sometimes trying again I figure WP doesn’t recognize tags in the template file either I use [gallery id=1] or [album id=1]… I see the tag as like as just a typed text…maybe there’s a way to force WP to recognize the tag to call the plugin?…

    OK I’ve found how, had to use this code:

    if (function_exists(“nggShowAlbum”))
    echo nggShowAlbum(1);

    but since I have applied that code in a page template, I read somewhere I should put gallery.php and nggallery.css in my own theme directory then play with it but I’m not so sure if using the code as above would operate on those two files…even since on my site I can apply also an high contrast theme (css switching for accessibilty), and I would do the same with nextgen gallery…. anyone has a suggest about that for me?…

    Thanks everyone!!

    OK… I solved almost all stuffs…just it looks if I apply to the webpage an alternative CSS for high contrast, it is applied also to nextgen gallery, at least for background and description box.

    BUT it doesn’t change for the title…. so, Alex, for easier application, is there a way to apply a separate alternate css so I can personalize differently for high contrast?…


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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